When a company/organization is extending an invitation, fill out the name of the company/organization as well as your title
Invitation Letter
(Year) (Month) (Day)
To: (Ambassador/Consul-General) of Japan in
Inviting Person
(When an inviting person and a guarantor are the same, you may write Same as guarantor.)
Full Name:
Address: -
Telephone number: ( ) - (Extension )
FAX number: ( ) -
[Fill in the following contact information when the company/organization is extending the invitation.]
Full Name:
Telephone Number : ( ) - (Extension )
Fax Number: ( ) -
Visa Applicant
(The name must be written in the Latin alphabet as it appears on his/her passport. When there are two or more applicants, fill in the
representatives status below, and attach a list of all applicants.)
Full name (in Latin alphabet) : ( Male / Female)
(Number of additional applicants (if applicable): )
Date of birth: / / (Age: )
(Year) / (Month) / (Day)
Nationality :
The purpose of inviting the above person(s) is as follows:
(If the space below is insufficient, use a separate sheet of paper to give a full explanation.)
(1) Purpose of invitation
(2) Background to invitation (Explain the background to this invitation in detail.)
(3) Relationship with visa applicant(s)