Coach: Sport: _____________ Date: _____________
1 Good 2 Needs Improvement 3 Unsatisfactory 4 Not observed
Cooperates with the athletic office regarding preseason paperwork (coaches paperwork, player
registration compliance, practice schedules, team rosters, etc.).
Communicates with assistant coaches in regards to roles, duties, and expectations.
Cooperates with requests for information from the athletic office.
Abides by all relevant School Committee policies, administrative directives, MIAA rules / regulations,
and league / conference rules / regulations.
Consults and communicates with the athletic director regarding any player discipline / issues, practice /
game scheduling requests, parent concerns / problems, officiating concerns / problems, etc.
Provides proper supervision of athletes at all times / venues (locker rooms, fields, gyms, travel vessel
and vehicles, practice area, locker rooms, etc.) whenever athletes are present.
Follows proper budget and purchase order procedures with regards to any equipment / uniform purchases.
Demonstrates proper care of school facilities and equipment.
Maintains a detailed inventory of team equipment / uniforms and provides an updated report to the
athletic department at the conclusion of each season.
Submits an end-of-season report including a list of award winners in a timely fashion at the conclusion of
each season of play.
Maintains and updates team and individual student-athlete records regularly and in a timely manner.
Works with the athletic department and media to publicize team and individual accomplishments.
Communicates and works with the Nantucket Booster Club.
Demonstrates enthusiasm for working with high school student-athletes.
Communicates effectively with all participating student-athletes and their parents.
Establishes and maintains good relations with school administration, faculty, and coaching staff.
Communicates effectively with, and demonstrates respect for, all opponents.
Communicates effectively with and demonstrates respect for game officials.
Promotes all school activities and encourages student-athletes to participate in a variety of activities.
Maintains cooperative relations with the media regarding team information, statistics, and interviews.
Shows an interest in the student-athletes’ academic experiences.
Communicates and cooperates with the athletic trainer in regards to student-athletes’ physical well-being.
Communicates and works with coaches of lower level programs to the betterment of the overall program
and future participating student-athletes. .
Keeps the sport interesting and fun for participating student-athletes.
Conducts themselves in a professional and sportsmanlike manner at all times.
Teaches the fundamental philosophy, skills, and knowledge essential to the sport.
Develops and communicates a well-organized practice plan/schedule.
Uses personnel (participating student-athletes) and strategies effectively in game situations.
Praises student-athletes for positive performances.
Offers constructive criticism to student-athletes for poor performances.
Maintains effective individual and team discipline at all practices and in games.
Provides opportunities for all team members to participate, depending upon their ability and effort, while
maintaining a competitive team.
The team’s performance reflects enthusiasm, motivation, proper fundamentals, and good sportsmanship.
Works to learn new strategies and trends in the sport by attending coaches clinics and reading coaching
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any portion of this evaluation to which he/she does not agree.
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Coach: Sport: Date: __________
Assess the team’s performance this season.
Assess your performance as a head coach this season.
What are your goals for the team next season?
What are your personal goals as a head coach next season?
List any suggestions or recommendations that you have for the Athletic Department that
could help you achieve your team and personal goals?
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