Graduate topics in Advanced Integrative Biology IBIO*6070 and IBIO*6080
IBIO*6070 and IBIO*6080
Topics in Advanced Integrative Biology 1 and 2
Project Approval Form
This form must be completed and returned to the course coordinator by the end of the
first week of classes.
This course provides graduate students with the opportunity to pursue topics in special-
ized fields of integrative biology under the guidance of graduate faculty. Courses may
be offered in any of lecture, reading/seminar, or individual project*
Students undertaking individual projects* must be advised by an Integrative Biology
faculty member other than their thesis advisor. The project itself must not comprise
any component of the student’s thesis. The project advisor and a second reader from
the Integrative Biology faculty will independently evaluate the final report for the project.
Unless specifically agreed to by the instructor/advisor (and 2nd reader for individual pro-
jects) and the course coordinator, all materials for grading are due on the last day of
classes in the term in which registration occurs. This ensures that sufficient time is
available for grading and grade submission. Final grades are submitted to the course
coordinator. It is up to the student to inform and coordinate with the course instructor
and the faculty grader about the timelines for when materials are due and grading
needs to be completed, otherwise an ‘Incomplete’ may be submitted for the student.
Course code: Course name:
Student name: Student ID:
Student signature: email:
Course advisor name: Signature:
2nd faculty reader name: Signature:
Course Coordinator signature:
The basis of evaluation follows on the next page.
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Graduate topics in Advanced Integrative Biology IBIO*6070 and IBIO*6080
Lecture or Reading/Seminar Format
Topic description:
Component (discussion,
lecture, paper, meetings
and schedule...)
Value %
Comments (expectations for readings, dis-
cussion, book chapters, papers...)
Individual Project Format*
Project Title:
Value %
Final paper - Advisor
Final paper - 2nd reader
Lab / Field work
Animal care approval for projects involving live vertebrates: Yes No
*Attach a one page typewritten summary of the project proposal. The proposal should attempt to
address each of the following:
What is the project attempting to address? (What is the research question?)
What is the relevant background?
Why does the research matter?
What is anticipated to be found?
How will the work be done?
Where will the work be done?
What is the timeline for project completion?
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