CBS Student Council Extra-curricular
Achievement Scholarship
Type of award: undergraduate Amount of award: $2500
Eligibility: Full time students registered in a major offered by the College of Biological Science who have
completed at least 10.0 credits with a minimum cumulative average of 80%.
Selection Criteria: extra-curricular activities, personal essay, and academic achievement.
Method of Application: Apply to the CBS Associate Dean Academic's Office by May 15
by completing
the application form below. Also, please include a resumé and a 500 word personal essay outlining
how your academic achievements and extra-curricular activities contribute to your academic and
personal goals.
Conditions: This award may only be held once.
Applicant Information Form
Name: ________________________________ Student Number: ____________________________
Major:_________________________________ Semester Level: _____________________________
Cumulative Average: _____________________ Have you won this award before? _______________
Please include the following in the application package:
A resumé that lists the following only: extra-curricular activities, scholarships, academic awards,
research experience, and publications.
A 500 word essay that outlines how your academic achievements and extra-curricular activities
contribute to academic and personal goals
Unofficial transcripts
Please submit your application to the CBS ADA's Office ( no later than May 15
. Your
application will be evaluated by the CBS Awards Committee, and only successful candidates will be notified.
By signing this form, you give the CBS Awards Committee permission to review your application, and access
any information, such as academic transcript and registration information, necessary to evaluate your
By signing this form, you also submit that all information in your application is valid, and should there be any
false information, the committee can revoke your application.
Applicant Signature: _________________________________ Date: _____________________
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