Health Information Technology (HIT) Associate Degree
Advising & Planning Checklist
Completed prior to applying for admission to HIT program
General Requirements
Submit a Durham Tech enrollment application
Submit official transcript(s) (high school and college)
Apply for Financial Aid
Attend a ConnectSession (Student Orientation)
Prospective students with 12 or more college credit hours
are not required to attend a ConnectSession but it is
Attend an HIT Information Session (mandatory)
Meet Course Placement Requirements
Students must demonstrate readiness for college-level
reading and math. Students can demonstrate that
readiness in the following ways:
Provide proof of an unweighted US high school GPA
of 2.8 or higher within the last ten years
Transfer college credit for English and math (algebra)
Provide proof of completion of an associate’s or
bachelor’s degree
Provide proof of satisfactory scores on ACT, SAT,
ACCUPLACER within the last ten years
Demonstrate mastery on RISE English placement test
2 and RISE Math placement test 2; OR successfully
complete ENG 002 through Tier 2 (grade of P2) and
MAT 003 through Tier 2 (grade of P2)
Submit the following forms to the HIT admissions
counselor: (
download forms)
Clinical Training Form
Essential Skills Form
English Language Requirement Form*
*Students who meet the definition of a non-native
speaker will be required to meet the language testing
requirements, regardless of previous ENG coursewor
Meet Prerequisites for BIO 168
Required prior to course; highly recommended prior to
CHM 094 Basic Biological Chemistry**
**OR biology and chemistry in high school not older
than 10 years or college biology and chemistry with a
lab with a grade of C (70%) or above in both the lecture
and lab (no time limit).
General Education
May be completed prior to admittance to the HIT program.
(1) ACA 122 College Transfer Success
(3) CIS 110 Introduction to Computers
(4) BIO 168 Anatomy and Physiology I
(4) BIO 169 Anatomy and Physiology II
(3) ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry
(3) ENG 112 Writing/Research in Disciplines
(3) MED 121 Medical Terminology I
(3) MED 122 Medical Terminology II
(3) Math elective (MAT 110 or MAT 143)
(3) Humanities/Fine Arts elective
(3) Social/Behavioral Sciences elective
Select courses from a list on the plan of study
Core Courses can only be taken following formal application
and admission into the program
Fall I
(3) HIT 110 Introduction to HIT
(3) HIT 112 Health Law and Ethics
Spring I
(3) HIT 114 Health Data Systems/Standards
(1) HIT 122 Professional Practice Experience I
(2) HIT 220 Health Informatics and EHR’s
(3) HIT 225 Healthcare Informatics
all II
(3) HIT 210 Healthcare Statistics
(4) HIT 211 ICD Coding
(2) HIT 216 Quality Management
(3) HIT 226 Principles of Diseases
Spring II
(2) HIT 214 CPT/Other Coding Systems
(2) HIT 215 Reimbursement Methodologies
(3) HIT 218 Management Principles in Healthcare
(2) HIT 280 Professional Issues
(1) HIT 124 Professional Practice Experience II
(2) HIT 222 Professional Practice Experience III
Revised 12/2018