Faculty/Staff Grant Application
Please limit proposal length to no more than three pages.
All funded proposals will require a Final Report including outcomes.
Application Date __________________________________________________________
Contact Person/Title _______________________________________________________
Program Area ____________________________________________________________
Email __________________________________ Phone Extension _________________
Amount of Request ______________
Grant Period (month/day/year) From ______________
Typical grant period of one year. Extensions may be considered.
Authorizing Signatures
Grant Writer ________________________________________
Department Head ____________________________________
Division Head _______________________________________
Grant Proposal
Attach additional pages with the following information:
1. Project title
2. Description of project
3. Description of need
To _______________
4. Project goals, including links to the Employee Grant stated priorities
5. Specific activities, including project timeline
6. Evaluation (anticipated outcomes and how you will measure success). Quantify number of students
impacted, if possible.
7. Is this a collaborative effort? If so, please explain and identify all participants.
8. Project Budget. Include an itemized budget and identify any funds sought/secured from other
funding sources.
9. Explain why this request is not being funded through regular budgetary channels.
10. If this is an ongoing project, what will be the source of future funding?
11. Have you received grant funding from the Foundation in the past two years for this or any other
project? If so, a completed Mini-Grant Report should be provided to the Foundation.
Revised 12/10/2019
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