Associate Degree Nursing LPN to ADN Track
Completed prior to applying for admission to the program
General Requirements
Submit a Durham Tech enrollment application
Submit official transcript(s) (high school or college)
Apply for Financial Aid
Attend a ConnectSession (Student Orientation)
Required for all new students; students with less than 12
completed credits; students with less than 12 transferred credits
Attend a Nursing Information Session (required)
Meet Course Placement Requirements
udents must demonstrate readiness for college-level
reading and math using the following ways:
Provide proof of an unweighted US high school GPA
of 2.8 or higher within the last ten years
Transfer college credit for English and math (algebra)
Provide proof of completion of an associate’s or
bachelor’s degree
Provide proof of satisfactory scores on ACT, SAT,
ACCUPLACER within the last ten years
Demonstrate mastery on RISE English placement test
2 and RISE Math placement test 2; OR successfully
complete ENG 002 through Tier 2 (grade of P2) and
MAT 003 through Tier 2 (grade of P2)
General Prerequisites
(3) ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry
(3) PSY 150 General Psychology
(4) PSY 241 Developmental Psychology
atural Sciences
(4) CHM 094 Basic Biological Chemistry (required only
if taking BIO 168. S
ee note below)
(4) BIO 168: Anatomy & Physiology I (See note below)
(4) BIO 169: Anatomy & Physiology II
(4) BIO 271 Pathophysiology
Note: CHM 094 and BIO 168 OR complete (passing with a
grade of “C” or better or numeric grade of 70 or better) one
biology and one chemistry course at the high school level
within the past 5 years or have college credit for both a
biology and chemistry course with labs (no time limit)
Admission to the program is based in part on
Allocation of Points as listed below:
Quality points for grade in BIO 168:
A = (4 x 4 credits) = 16; B = 12; C = 8) _____
Advising & Planning Checklist
Quality points for grade in BIO 169:
A = (4 x 4 credits) = 16; B = 12; C = 8) _____
(BIO 168 and BIO 169 must be completed with a grade of
“C” or better)
Completion of the following courses with a grade “C”
or better:
o ENG 111 = 3 points _____
o PSY 150 = 3 points _____
o PSY 241 = 3 points _____
o BIO 271 = 3 points _____
Resident of Durham or Orange County ______
(5 points)
Possible Total Points: 49
Total Points Accumulated _____
Application packets are available online beginning
November 1 and must be submitted to the Admissions
and Enrollment Services in the Wynn Center, room 10-
200 by 5 p.m., February 1. Applying does not guarantee
admission. Re-entry students MUST reapply and re-
enter under the current plan of study at that time.
ther Requirements
Verification of Practical Nurse License and 1 year of
work experience
ATI TEAS Test - (Adjusted Individual Score = 65%)
(Must be taken within the last 3 years )
Technology Proficiency Self- assessment
Meet English Language Requirement*
Students who meet the definition of non-native speaker
complete requirements located on the Health Technologies
English Language Requirement web page
Core Courses can only be taken following formal application
and admission into the program
(4) NUR 214: Nursing Transition Concepts (Summer)
(5) NUR 113: Family Health Concepts (Fall)
(5) NUR 211: Health Care Concepts (Fall)
(5) NUR 213: Complex Health Concepts (Spring)
Taken before or after formal application and admission into
the program
(3) Humanities Elective (view list on plan of study)
(9) ENG 112 Writing/Research in the Disciplines
Revised 03/03/2020