HMSA Kaimana Awards & Scholarship
Program Information and Application
Scholarship Information
1. Up to 15 exceptional students will be awarded a Kaimana scholarship worth
$5,000 for the 2020-21 school year. Recipients are selected from each high
school athletic league statewide.
2. Applications are available at HMSAs website ( and the Hawaii
High School Athletic Associations (HHSAA) website (
3. The application deadline is Friday, Feb. 26, 2021. No exceptions.
See page 2 for details.
4. Winners are selected based on a combination of all application elements.
To apply, you must:
1. Be a high school senior graduating from a Hawaii high school in 2021.
2. Have a passing grade point average (GPA).
If you win:
1. We’ll email you with next steps.
2. To receive scholarship funds, recipients will submit reimbursement requests
for eligible educational expenses up to $5,000 to HMSA.
3. If you’ll be participating in collegiate sports, check with your college
athletic department’s compliance office to verify your eligibility to use
the Kaimana Scholarship.
1. Email completed applications, essays, and letters of recommendation to HMSA.
Your application must be emailed by Friday, Feb. 26, 2021.
2. List all the school teams you’ve participated in. If you attended more than one school,
list each one and which sports you participated in while at each one.
3. We want to hear how you help your community. Include the organizations’ names, how you
helped, and how many hours and years you volunteered.
4. List any other activities you’ve participated in such as band, math league, if you had a job, etc.
5. A copy of your cumulative official transcript is required.
6. List any academic awards or achievements.
7. Attach letters of recommendation from two faculty members, coaches, or mentors from your
school commenting on your dedication and determination, academic performance, sportsmanship,
and personal character.
8. If you need room for more information, attach it as a separate document.
For more information, contact Erica Pobre at 948-5782 on Oahu, email, or visit
Name Gender: o Male
o Female
o Non-binary
Date of Birth
Home Address
Mailing Address
(o if different from home address)
City ZIP Code
City ZIP Code
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Student Email Address
Parent(s) Email Address
High School
Sports Team Number of Years Participated
Sports Team Number of Years Participated
Sports Team Number of Years Participated
Sports Team Number of Years Participated
Community Service and Civic/Other Club Membership, Jobs, etc.
No. of Hours
Year(s) of Service
Academic Awards or other
Personal Statement (500 words max.)
Reflect on something you learned about you and/or your community as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Essay (500-1,000 words max.)
HMSAs goal is to improve the health and well-being of all Hawaii residents. When you think of the “health
and well-being” of yourself, your family, or your community, what comes to mind? Have you contributed to
improving the health and well-being of yourself, your family, or your community and if so, how, and what did
you learn from that?
Signature _______________________________________________________ Date ________________________
How to submit your Kaimana Scholarship Application
Applications and supporting documents will be accepted by email.
Here are the documents that are required for your application:
1. Application
2. Personal statement
3. Essay
4. Official transcript
5. Two letters of recommendation
You may also submit supplementary documents (e.g., if you need more space for your application, want to
share a resume, award, etc.).
Please name your documents as follows:
Email documents to Kaimana scholarship application documents can be submitted from
different entities, but please make sure they’re named correctly. For example, it’s OK for you to send your
application, personal statement, and essay while your letters of recommendation come from those who write
them and your transcript comes from your school counselor.
Please be sure that documents or emails are less than 25MB each because our email system will
reject anything larger. If you need to send multiple emails, please do so.
Dont send links to file sharing services like Google Drive or Dropbox as were unable to open them.
Dont include sensitive information like your Social Security number. If this kind of information appears
on any documents, please black it out.
We’ll send you a confirmation email when all pieces have been received.
If you have questions, email or contact Erica Pobre at 948-5782 on Oahu.
Application component Naming convention Example
Application LastName_FirstName_Application Pobre_Erica_Application
Personal Statement LastName_FirstName_PersonalStatement Pobre_Erica_PersonalStatement
Essay LastName_FirstName_Essay Pobre_Erica_Essay
Transcript LastName_FirstName_Transcript Pobre_Erica_Transcript
Letter of Recommendation
(2 required)
Additional supplementary
LastName_FirstName_ApplicationSupplement Pobre_Erica_ApplicationSupplement
If you’re combining your documents and submitting them as one document, please name it as follows:
Application component Naming convention Example
All pieces in one document LastName_FirstName_FullApplication Pobre_Erica_FullApplication
1012-289150 11:20 BY