Child’s Name
Discover learning
When your child is interested in a particular topic, find ways that he/she can learn more about it. Find a local
museum or library, talk to a community member who knows about the topic, or read information from
websites you have found online.
Solve problems together
Find solutions to problems together. For example, if your child comes to you for help getting something out
of a high cupboard, ask what might be done to get it down. Ask for your child’s help solving household
problems, such as unclogging the vacuum cleaner or fixing something that is broken.
Explore your home, yard, or neighborhood
Learning can take place anywhere. Explore your cupboards or closets and the outdoors. Cook and bake
together, talk about math, talk about nature, and talk about how things work.
Find creative ways to use common items
Build a fort using cushions, sheets, and laundry baskets. Use cardboard boxes and paper towel tubes to
create a farm or city. The possibilities are endless!
Clip and return to school.
Clip and Save.
Try different ways to solve a problem?
Explore how to make things happen or have something they are interested in learning about?
(e.g. dinosaurs, horses, cars, cats)
Follow a few steps to finish a simple task?
Notice patterns or talk about things that are the same or different?
Draw or write and tell you about their writing or picture?
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