Our Big Idea
How We Treat
Ourselves and
Others. Moral
and Performance
Character Traits
One Strategy
(How to Achieve Maximum Growth, Loyal Customers,
Extraordinary Prot)
Core Customer Segment
(Describe the Person and What They Are Dealing With)
Job to Be Done
(What is the Pain, Gain, or Problem You Are Solving
That Competitors Are Missing?)
Customer Promises
(What Are the Major Things You Will Do More of Than
Your Competition Where Your Competition is Failing to
Get the “Job Done” Better?)
Activities: KPIs:
We Don’t Do
(What Are the Major Things You Will Not Do Because
They Are Not Necessary for the “Job to be Done” and
Allow You to be More Protable Than Everyone Else?)
(How Will You Gain Mindshare over Everyone Else?) ● (786) 565-7330 ● © 2019 HowardMShore, LLC. All rights reserved
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