What are the primary internal capabilities of the organization that you would consider the secret sauce that makes us great and that we do better than
anyone or most everyone else. Here is the test for capabilities making this list:
» Our competition would want to replicate it and would have diculty doing so.
» It can be reused widely for many products and markets.
» It must contribute to the most important benets and values of our products and services in the eyes of our customer. In other words, it contributes to
our key dierentiating activities.
What are the internal weaknesses of our organization that are holding us back? These likely have and will take tremendous eort to change and address.
What are the internal capabilities of other organizations that you would love to replicate or steal? They may be best demonstrated by other industries rather
than your own.
What are the top external emerging trends (in technology, customers, revenue, industry developments, best business practices, competitors,
relationships, distribution, product innovation, markets, consumer and social trends) within our industry or environment, which are aecting or may aect
our business, either positively or adversely, and should be discussed among our leadership team because they may require us to change in:
» Capabilities
» Distribution model
» Cost structure
» Partnerships
» Product and services oered
» Customer acquisition model
» Geographic expansion
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