Travel Authorization Form 0111
Travel Authorization Form
For use with financial policy 2.1.6 Travel Expenses
Name of Traveler/Group:
Job Title:
Telephone: - -
Travel is: Domestic International
Travel Dates: Destination(s):
For internal use by unit:
Indicate any dates within travel period that are for personal travel:
Submitted by:
Approved by:
Traveler’s Signature* or Authorized Signature for Group
Type/Print Name
traveler has a valid U.S. or Canadian driver’s license and the required
Supervisor* Signature Date
If requesting any pre-payment, send a copy of this completed, dated and approved Travel Authorization Form with the Travel Expense Report to
Accounts Payable prior to the trip.
Following the trip, attach this completed, dated and approved Travel Authorization Form to the Travel Expense Report.
The traveler should retain a copy of the signed Travel Authorization Form and make it available upon request from Internal Audit.
For non-employee or student travel, the authorization should be approved by the unit head of the organization funding the travel.
Traveler is: Faculty Staff Student
Group (attach a list of all travelers)
Non-employee (specify)
Purpose of travel:
Promptly send a copy of all approved Travel Authorization
Forms for international travel to UC International ML0640