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Facility Use Request Form
Please complete this form and return to Amy Winslow-Weiss,
Please note that rooms and services are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
Company/Organization Hosting Event: ________________________________________________________________
Event Contact Person: _______________________________________________ Today’s Date: _________________
Company/Organization Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Contact Email: __________________________________________________ Contact Phone: ____________________
Is your organization a not-for-profit? YES ____ NO ____
Are you or your event affiliated with GBCC or are you faculty or staff? YES ____ NO ____
If yes, please explain: ______________________________________________________________________________
Event Date (S): ________________________________________________ Day (S) of the Week: _________________
Event Start Time: ____________________________ Please indicate time of arrival for setup: ___________________
Event End Time: _______________________
*Note: you are responsible for event setup & breakdown unless scheduled otherwise.
# Rooms Needed: ________________________ Anticipated # of People: ______________________
Title of Event: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Description of Event: ______________________________________________________________________________
Reference Event Number: _____________________ You have been assigned room (s): ________________
Changes: If a change should occur with your request, please notify Amy Winslow-Weiss at 603.427.7739
Insurance: All users must provide an insurance certificate naming GBCC as an additional insured. Comprehensive general
liability insurance against all bodily injury, death or property damage, in amounts of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and
$2,000,000 per aggregate must be included.
In the certificate of insurance “Certificate holder” box should contain: Great Bay Community College, A Component of
CCSNH, 320 Corporate Drive, Portsmouth NH 03801
Cancellation Policy: Users are fully charged at 100% if the cancellation occurs within three (3) or fewer business days prior to
the rental. If the college is closed due to weather or another act of nature, the rental will be rescheduled at the earliest
convenience of the college and renter.
IT requests need to be coordinated at time of room rental.
If tables and chairs are being rented through an outside vendor, please coordinate drop off and pick up times with Amy
Regular rental hours are Monday-Thursday, 8AM-9PM and Friday,
8AM-4PM. If you plan to rent rooms and/or services after hours or
weekends, additional fees will incur. Rentals during academic break
periods may also incur additional fees.
Room rentals are calculated hourly. Please check all that apply.
____ Conference Room (8-16 people) $50
____ Single Classroom (24-32 people) $50
____ Double Classroom (64 people) $75
____ Triple Classroom (96 people) $100
____ Computer Lab (20 terminals) $100
____ Gymnasium (sporting event) $100
____ Gymnasium (non-sporting event) $200
____ Student Success Center (SSC) $300
(Includes Gym, SSC Lobby, Conf Room 95/96, Concession Stand)
____ Vendor Tables in Lobby $100 per day
Requests must be made at least 2 weeks in advance. Costs for
additional services (campus safety, IT, maintenance, etc.) will be
assessed in addition to the facility usage fees. You will be advised of
the total charges following review of your submitted request form.
Some events may require additional staffing.
IT Support * $50/hour (onsite)
Sound Tech * $50/hour (onsite)
Campus Safety Officer* $50/hour
Maintenance * $50/hour
*Minimum of two hours required; after normal business hours
A/V Equipment ** $75/$100 Gym and/or SSC
(Included in all contracts are use of computer, projector/screen & WIFI.
Microphone & sound system are available upon request. Please
indicate additional equipment needed in special instructions.)
Note: A/V fee is waived for members of TAP.
Setup Fee *** $50-$100 depending on room rented
***Setup fee is only charged when you need a setup that is different
than our standard classroom style setup. Please indicate alternate
room setup in special instructions.
Food/Catering Tables #__________
Podium #__________
Trash Cans #__________
Great Bay Community College has a limited number of tables and
chairs available for rent (other than those already in the classrooms).
Any additional items needed for event must be rented by an outside
company. The drop off / setup / pickup must be coordinated with
Amy Winslow-Weiss.
Catering is through
The Green Bean at Pease
Contact them directly for more
320 Corporate Drive, Portsmouth NH 03801