Application No.: __________________
City of Groton
Department of Planning & Economic Development
Form A: Zoning Permit, Site Plan and Special Permit
Refer to Section 9 Administrative Provisions of the Zoning Regulations for all application procedures in addition to those
listed upon this form.
The Form A - Zoning Table must be attached to this form.
Zoning District(s): 1. 2.
List the Principal Use(s) you are requesting permits for (See applicable district regulation):
1. 3.
2. 4.
List the Accessory Use(s) you are requesting permits for (See applicable district regulation):
1. 3.
2. 4.
Attach a project narrative describing the proposed project, being as detailed as possible. The Project narrative helps to
establish the use(s) listed above for which the permit will be issued. At minimum, it shall include the following
a. Describe the nature of use(s) and associated activities. Be as detailed as possible.
b. Describe all natural resources including but not limited to inland wetlands, flood areas and coastal resources as
defined in C.G.S. Section 22a-93
c. Methods, timing, schedule, sequence of construction and staging
d. SF of existing and proposed buildings; Number of stories of buildings/additions
e. Number of employees
f. Description of utilities
g. Number of parcels upon which improvements are proposed
h. Quantity of parking required and proposed and itemized by principal use
i. Hours of operation
j. Number of residential units
k. For mixed use, breakdown by SF of each use and number of residential units
l. For Special Permits, provide a separate narrative explaining how the application addresses each Special Permit
Criteria explained in Section 9.4.D. The narrative shall be organized by each of the eleven listed criteria.
Proposed Use (Must Correspond to Exact Terms used in the Zoning Regulations)
Project Narratives