Application for City of Louisburg Commissions/Boards
Please fill out and return to City Hall or email to Nathan Law:
Commission/Board(s) in which you are interested: _______________________________________________________________
Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address, if different: ______________________________________________________________________________________
Phone: ________________________________ Email address: ___________________________________________________________
Employer, Job Title: _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Why are you interested in serving on this commission/board?
If you have experience that relates to the commission/board that you would like to serve, briefly describe.
(education, experience, etc.)
What other qualifications, skills or attributes do you have that you would bring to a particular
commission/board, and any other information that might distinguish you from other candidates?
What other volunteer boards have you served on (give dates)?
How did you become aware of this volunteer opportunity with the City of Louisburg?