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Auto-Draft Bill Pay Authorization
You can now save both a little time and a little money when you pay your city utility bill automatically. Auto-
Draft Bill Payment allows you to pay your utility bill by having the City deduct the total amount of your bill from
your checking or savings account at your financial institution.
You save time by not writing checks for your bill.
You save money on postage and envelopes.
With Auto-Draft Bill Payment, your monthly utility bill will be paid automatically. You will no longer have to
worry about lost payments, late payments or paying your bill while you are out of town on business or vacation.
Enrolling is easy. Simply complete the authorization form below as follows: 1) Please print clearly using ink; 2)
cut along the dotted line; 3) attach a voided check or a savings account deposit slip and 4) mail or bring to
Louisburg City Hall, 215 S. Broadway, Louisburg, KS 66053.
Your payment will be shown on the statement that you receive from your financial institution; you will still
receive your utility statement via the mail or e-billing, if you have signed up for that service. Auto-Draft Bill
Payment must be changed in writing if you change financial institutions, if you change the account number to
be debited or want to stop the service.
Auto-Draft Bill Payment is a convenient, dependable and inexpensive way to pay your utility bill. There is no
charge to enroll or to use this convenient service.
Please attach a voided check.
I authorize the City of Louisburg and the financial institution named below to deduct the amount of my monthly utility bill
from the account identified below. I understand that my Auto-Draft payment will be deducted on the due date of each bill. I
have the right to stop the deduction by notification to my financial institution at least three (3) business days prior to the
effective date. I understand if my Auto-Draft is returned for non-sufficient funds, I may be charged a fee by both my financial
institution and the City of Louisburg. My authorization and the Auto-Draft Bill Payment will remain in full force and effect
until revoked by me, my financial institution or the City of Louisburg.
Name: ______________________________________________________________ Daytime Phone: ____________________________
Property Address: (as shown on bill) ________________________________________________________________________________
Account Number:
(as shown on bill) _________________________________________________________________________________
*Financial Institution Routing Transit Number/ABA # _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____
*My account number at my financial institution is: _______________________________________________________________
Signature Required: _____________________________________________________________________ Date: ___________________
(must be an authorized signer for the checking account identified above)
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How to find the Routing Number and Account Number:
The bank routing number identifies your bank or financial institution. This number is the 9-digit number that
usually appears at the lower left of your check.
Your account number can vary in the number of digits. It is the number that usually appears just to the right of
the bank routing number. The check number sometimes follows the account number. The check number is not
part of your account number.
While most checks are printed with the bank routing number first, some checks show the account number first.
Please check your bank statement to identify which number is your account number if you are not certain.
If you have specific questions about your bank routing or account number, please contact your bank.