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Owner Information
Owner (or Minor or Trustee or Executor)
Complete the information below for the owner, minor of an UGMA/UTMA,
trustee, or executor. All owners must be 18 or older except for custodial
accounts. Accounts established for the same legal owner will be main-
tained with identical registrations. If a new address is provided, the new
address will be applied to any existing accounts in your name(s) unless
you indicate otherwise. If we are unable to verify your identity through a
third party using the information provided, additional documentation may
be required to maintain the account.
NOTE: To add beneficiaries, complete the Beneficiaries – Transfer on
Death form (not applicable for residents of Louisiana).
Name* Citizenship:* ¨ U.S. Citizen ¨ U.S. Resident Alien
Social Security Number (SSN)* Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)*
Residential Address (cannot be a P.O. box)*
City* State* ZIP Code*
Day Phone Evening Phone
E-mail Address
Mailing Address (if different from residential)
City State ZIP Code
Go Paperless and Qualify for a Fee Waiver
or mutual fund accounts below the minimum balance, going paperless
means we wai
ve the annual account service fee. Statements,
confirmations, prospectuses, and shareholder reports are available
for your convenience. Visit for
Send an e-mail with a link to sign up for paperless.
Dividends and Capital Gains
If no option is checked, all dividends and capital gains will be reinvested.
For electronic funds transfer (EFT) to a bank, complete bank information.
Dividends. Check one: ¨ Reinvest ¨ EFT to bank ¨ Mail check
Capital Gains. Check one: ¨ Reinvest ¨ EFT to bank ¨ Mail check
Mutual Fund New Account
Joint Owner
Accounts with more than one owner will be joint tenants with rights of
survivorship unless you check a different box below or you are a resident
of Louisiana (account will be registered as tenants in common). On a
custodial account, only the custodian can act, sign this form, and autho-
rize transfer to the minor upon reaching the age of majority.
¨ Joint Owner ¨ Custodian (UGMA/UTMA) ¨ Co-trustee/Coexecutor
¨ POA Agent or Attorney-in-Fact (Provide a copy of the POA agreement
certified within 90 days of T. Rowe Price receiving it.)
Name* Citizenship:* ¨ U.S. Citizen ¨ U.S. Resident Alien
SSN* Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)*
The information below will be carried over from the owner if left blank.
Residential Address (cannot be a P.O. box)*
City* State* ZIP Code*
Day Phone Evening Phone
Mailing Address (if different from residential)
City State ZIP Code
¨ For more owners, check this box and attach a separate page.
¨ If a custodial account, the account will be registered under the
minor’s state of residence unless you check this box to request the
custodian’s or the grantor’s state of residence be used instead.
For a trust, provide copies of the trust document pages (certified within
120 days if changing trustees on an existing account) that include the
trust name, date, and current trustees
names and signatures. For an
estate, provide the appointment of the executor from the probate court
(certified within 120 days) or, if applicable, the small estate affidavit.
Name of Trust/Name of Decedent of Estate
Estate, Trust, or Entity Tax ID Number (required) Date of Trust (mm/dd/yyyy)
*NOTE: We are required to have this information in order to open your account and verify your identity pursuant to the USA PATRIOT Act.
Use this form to:
Open a mutual fund account under an individual, joint owners, power
of attorney (POA), custodian, trust, or estate. Individual and joint
accounts can be opened online at
Do not use this form to:
Open a Brokerage account. Use the Brokerage New Account form.
Open an IRA. Use the IRA New Account form.
Mail to:
T.Rowe Price
P.O. Box 17302
Baltimore, MD 21297-1302
Express delivery only:
T.Rowe Price Mail Code 17302
4515 Painters Mill Road
Owings Mills, MD 21117-4903
This paper clip indicates you may need to attach documentation.
- This hand indicates where to sign.
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Trusted Contact
By my signature on this form, I authorize T.Rowe Price to share my
account information with the named Trusted Contact person(s) identi-
fied below.
I authorize T. Rowe Price, at its discretion, to share information with and/
or seek information from the Trusted Contact person(s). This information
may include, but is not limited to, any of my information regarding my/our
account(s) including contact information for account owners, beneficiaries
or persons authorized to act on the account, securities held, conducted or
proposed transactions, deposits, disbursements, or other financial products
or services offered by or through T. Rowe Price.
I understand that T. Rowe Price may contact the Trusted Contact person(s)
if there are questions or concerns about any of the account activity or inac-
tivity, any account owner's whereabouts or health status, (e.g., if T.Rowe
Price becomes concerned that I might no longer be able to handle my
financial affairs) or in the event that T. Rowe Price becomes concerned
that I may be or become a victim of fraud or exploitation.
A Trusted Contact person(s) must be 18 years of age. T. Rowe Price
suggests that the Trusted Contact be someone not already authorized
to transact business on the account. In addition, T. Rowe Price sug-
gests that I advise the Trusted Contact person(s) that I provided the be-
low information to T. Rowe Price and asks that I keep Trusted Contact
person(s) updated.
I understand that there is no requirement that T. Rowe Price contact
my Trusted Contact person(s) and that I may withdraw a Trusted Con-
tact at any time online through Account Access, by telephone or in writ-
ing. By signing below, I hold T. Rowe Price harmless if T. Rowe Price
either acts, or fails to act, based upon T. Rowe Price’s best judgment.
Trusted Contact Information
Trusted Contact Name*
Physical Address (cannot be a P.O. box)
City State ZIP Code
Phone* Relationship to Owner
E-mail Address
¨ To list more Trusted Contact persons, check this box and attach a
separate page.
*Required fields
The Trusted Contact person will apply to all new and existing T. Rowe
Price accounts. If you wish that the Trusted Contact person(s) be only
applied to the accounts being opened please call T. Rowe Price.
Investment Method(s) and Fund(s)
Initial Investment Method:
¨ Check (made payable to T. Rowe Price).
Fund Name Amount
¨ For more funds, check this box and attach a separate page.
¨ Change Ownership. Attach the Ownership Change form. If this is
a gift with shares transferred at a loss and the receiving account has
average cost as the cost basis method, you agree to accept the fair
market value as of the date of the gift as the cost basis. If you do not
agree, check a cost basis method other than average cost in Section 4.
Original Owner Name Account Number
¨ Transfer Assets. Attach the Mutual Fund Transfer form.
Owner Name Delivering Institution Name
Systematic Plans
This service systematically invests in the fund(s) below. Minimum $100.
Check One:
EFT from bank account.
Payroll deduction. We will mail you instructions to provide to your employer.
Check Frequency:
Monthly ¨ Quarterly ¨ Semiannually ¨ Annually
(mm/yy): (if blank, current month)
Fund Name Amount $ Date*
¨300 ¨200 ¨100
¨300 ¨200 ¨100
* NOTE: If blank, default is on or about the first business day of the month.
Cost Basis Method
We collect this information to report cost basis information on IRS Form
1099-B. This cost basis method will be applied to all mutual funds
provided in Section 2 unless a different method is provided on a separate
Visit for information on cost basis.
Check One: (If not checked, defaults to average cost.)
¨ Average Cost ¨ High Cost ¨ Last In First Out
¨ First In First Out ¨ Low Cost ¨ Loss/Gain Utilization
To use specific lot identification (SLID) for future redemptions, choose
a method other than average cost and then provide the specific lot
information at the time of the redemption.
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This service allows you to write checks for $500 or more on T. Rowe
Price money market and bond fund accounts that allow checkwriting.
A supply of 10 checks will be mailed toyou.
Add checkwriting services.
By signing this form, I acknowledge and agree that:
This form applies to any other identically owned T. Rowe Price fund
(Fund) I open later that is eligible for checkwriting services, except
Brokerage Advantage;
If I am subject to IRS backup withholding, I may write checks only
on money market fund accounts;
The Fund reserves the right to modify or revoke checkwriting services
at any time;
The signatures on this form are authentic. For organizations, I have
submitted an original or certified resolution authorizing the individu-
als with legal capacity to sign and act on behalf of the organization;
Checks only require one signature, regardless of whether the
account has multiple owners or authorized signers;
Negotiation of a check is a mutual fund redemption, and all condi-
tions on redemptions set forth in the Fund’s prospectus apply; and
This agreement is governed by Maryland law.
Bank Information
Required for EFT. This service allows you to move money between your
bank account and T. Rowe Price mutual fund account(s) quickly and
easily via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. EFTs occur when
you initiate them.
Enclose a voided check or a letter signed by the bank on bank
letterhead, which provides the account number, registration, and
ACH instructions.
¨ Checking account or ¨ Savings account
¨ Instead of submitting a separate check, use the bank account
information on the initial investment check enclosed.
By signing this form:
I agree to be bound by the terms of the prospectus for each
T.Rowe Price fund (Fund) in which I am investing. I have the
authority and legal capacity to purchase mutual funds, and am of
legal age in my state.
I authorize T. Rowe Price Services, Inc. (TRPS); the Fund; and their
agents to act on any instructions believed to be genuine for any
service authorized on this form, including computer/phone services.
The Fund and TRPS use reasonable procedures to verify the identity
of the shareholder and the person(s) granted trading privileges,
if applicable, when servicing an account by computer/phone. I
understand that it is TRPS’s policy to accept transaction instructions
from and provide account information to the registered account
owner(s) only, unless the account owner(s) has provided authorization
to TRPS, in a form acceptable to TRPS, to grant trading privileges
or to provide (or permit access to) account information to another
person. I further understand that it is my responsibility to monitor
the activity in my account and not to provide account information,
including my online user name and password, to anyone. TRPS's
liability for unauthorized transactions is subject to the terms and
conditions of its Account Protection Program. All services are subject
to conditions set forth in each Fund’s prospectus.
I agree that computer/phone exchange and redemption services will
be activated automatically when my account is opened. If I do not
want these services, I will contact TRPS to terminate these services.
I agree that for joint accounts or other types of accounts owned or
controlled by more than one party, “I” refers to each owner/party and
that each owner/party has complete authority to act on behalf of all
and give instructions concerning the account(s) without notice to the
other parties. TRPS may, in its sole discretion and for its own protec-
tion, require written authorization from all owners/parties to act on the
account for certain transactions (for example, to transfer ownership).
The Funds can redeem shares from my account(s) to reimburse a
fund for any loss due to nonpayment or other indebtedness.
By adding bank information, I hereby authorize TRPS to initiate
credit and debit entries to my account(s) at the financial institution
indicated and for the financial institution to credit or debit the same
to such account(s) through the ACH network, subject to the rules
of the financial institution, ACH, and the Fund. TRPS may correct
any transaction error with a debit or credit to my financial institution
account and/or Fund account. This authorization, including any credit
or debit entries initiated thereunder, is in full force and effect until I
notify TRPS of its revocation by telephone or in writing and TRPS has
had sufficient time to act on it.
I authorize TRPS to use the cost basis method checked on this form
for covered securities. I understand the tax consequences of select-
ing the cost basis method checked on this form and had the oppor-
tunity to consult with a tax advisor before making this selection.
I understand that, to minimize Fund expenses, it is TRPS's policy to
send only one copy of the prospectuses, shareholder reports, and other
documents (except account confirmations and statements) to all Fund
shareholders residing at the same address. I also understand that this
applies to all existing Fund accounts and any accounts I may open in the
future. I consent to this policy and understand that I do not need to take
action. If I do not consent, I will call TRPS after my account is opened.
I authorize TRPS to obtain consumer credit reports (which contain
information including my creditworthiness, credit standing, and credit
capacity) and other information to help verify my identity and to
determine whether to open my account(s) or, after my account(s) is
opened, whether to maintain my account(s) or restrict certain services.
If, after making reasonable efforts, TRPS is unable to verify my identity,
I understand that TRPS is authorized to take any action permitted by
law, including closing my account(s) and redeeming my account(s) at
the net asset value calculated the day the account is closed.
I understand that if my account has no activity in it for a period of
time, TRPS may be required to transfer it to the appropriate state
under abandoned property laws.
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In the course of doing business with T. Rowe Price, you share
personal and financial information with us. We treat this information
as confidential and recognize the importance of protecting access
to it.
You may provide information when communicating or transacting
with us in writing, electronically, or by phone. For instance, informa
tion may come from applications, requests for forms or literature,
and your transactions and account positions with us. On occasion,
such information may come from consumer reporting agencies and
those providing services to us.
We do not sell information about current or former customers to
any third parties, and we do not disclose it to third parties unless
necessary to process a transaction, service an account, or as
otherwise permitted by law. We may share information within the
T. Rowe Price family of companies in the course of providing or
offering products and services to best meet your investing needs.
We may also share that information with companies that perform
administrative or marketing services for T.Rowe Price; with a
research firm we have hired; or with a business partner, such
as a bank or insurance company, with whom we are developing
or offering investment products. When we enter into such a
relationship, our contracts restrict the companies’ use of our
customer information, prohibiting them from sharing or using it for
any purposes other than those for which they were hired.
We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to
protect your personal information. Within T. Rowe Price, access to
such information is limited to those who need it to perform their
jobs, such as servicing your accounts, resolving problems, or inform-
ing you of new products or services. Our Code of Ethics, which
applies to all employees, restricts the use of customer information
and requires that it be held in strict confidence.
The Privacy Policy applies to the following T. Rowe Price companies:
T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.; T. Rowe Price Advisory Services,
Inc.; T. Rowe Price Investment Services, Inc.; T. Rowe Price Trust
Company; and the T. Rowe Price Funds.
Under penalties of perjury, I certify that:
1. The number shown on this form is my correct taxpayer identifica-
tion number.
2. I am not subject to backup withholding because:
a. I am exempt from backup withholding;
b. I have not been notified by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
that I am subject to backup withholding as a result of a failure
to report all interest and dividends; or
c. The IRS has notified me that I am no longer subject to backup
Cross out this item 2 if you have been notified by the IRS that
you are currently subject to backup withholding.
3. I am a U.S. citizen or other U.S. person (as defined in the IRS
Form W-9 instructions).
4. The FATCA code(s) entered (if any) indicating that I am exempt
from FATCA reporting is correct. Exemption Code (if any): FATCA
codes only apply to accounts maintained outside the U.S. by
certain foreign financial institutions. For an account you hold in
the United States you may leave this field blank. For a list of
FATCA exemption codes and more information on FATCA please
If I fail to give the correct number or fail to sign this form, T. Rowe Price
may reject, restrict, or redeem my account. I may also be subject to
backup withholding, and I may be subject to an IRS penalty.
The Internal Revenue Service does not require consent to any
provision of this document other than the certifications required to
avoid backupwithholding.
Sign Below
Signature(s) and Date(s) Required
Owner/Custodian/Trustee/Executor Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
- X
Print Name
Joint Owner/Co-trustee/Coexecutor/POA Agent or
Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
- X
Print Name
For more signatures, copy this page, sign, and enclose.
Bank Account Owners
Sign Below
All bank account owners who are not owners in Section 1 must sign
here. EFT services will not be added without the required signatures.
Signature(s) and Date(s) Required
Bank Account Owner Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
- X
Bank Account Owner Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
- X