Morning Routine
(Breakfast, family walk, dancing to favorite music, independent
activities such as puzzles, blocks, and games)
Plan for the Day
Share today’s schedule, Pledge of Allegiance, Rules of the Roost
Og’s Story Time
Active Minds
Language & Literacy
Active Minds
Math & Science
Healthy Bodies
Outdoor Play and Physical Movement Activities
Active Minds
Creative Arts activities & Primrose Schools Rhythm & Notes®
(PrimMusic app)
Outdoor Play
Independent Choice Play
Happy Hearts
What were you most thankful for today?
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Daily Schedule AGES 3-7
Our Daily Schedule will help you follow the typical Learning Times of Primrose
Schools® at home! Fill in the blanks with your activities for the day and use the weekly
resources found at By sticking to a routine, it provides two key
ingredients necessary for learning: relationships and repetition.
= Online Resource found at
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