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Financial Aid
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I will withdraw from the following class(es):
Class Credits Class Credits
Class Credits Class Credits
I understand that if my enrollment status changes before I receive my Pell disbursement, my Pell award will change. As of
today I am enrolled in _______ credit hours. Once I withdraw, I will be enrolled in _______ credit hours. My Pell amount
is going to change to $_________. This does not apply if I have already received my Pell disbursement.
I understand that if I completely withdraw prior to completing 60% of the semester a Return of Title IV funds calculation will
be performed and I may owe funds back to the appropriate program and Clovis Community College. As of today, I have
completed ____% of the semester.
I understand that I am required to complete 67% of all course work attempted for the current semester and cumulatively,
even if I did not receive financial aid.
I understand that I must maintain a 2.0 GPA for the current semester and cumulatively, even if I did not receive financial
I understand that if I completely withdraw, I will be on automatic Financial Aid Suspension.
I understand that once I have attempted 150% of the hours required to complete my degree. I must appeal for future
financial aid.
I understand I may appeal no more than three times during my academic career at CCC. I may not appeal if have been
placed on suspension two semesters in a row.
I have read and understand CCC’s Financial Aid Office Satisfactory Academic Progress policy and/or the Complete
Withdrawal Fact Sheet.
I am aware that if my enrollment will drop below 6 credit hours by withdrawing from the class(es) listed above, I will be on
Loan Suspension.
I have completed an Exit Interview at https://studentloans.gov/myDirectLoan/index.action
As of TODAY my status will be:
Approved Warning: Suspension: Loan Suspension G-PLAN: Continue
Financial Aid Specialist Section
Pell _____ Scholarships
Loan: Exit Interview Completed
Lottery/Pathway Work-study
No Aid
Completed / Attempted
Cumulative / __ = %
Current Semester / __ = %
Total / __ = %
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Financial Aid Specialist Signature:
Revised 10-05-2017
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Withdrawal Fact Sheet
During the withdrawal process, students who borrowed Federal Stafford Loans (subsidized or unsubsidized) while
attending CCC will participate in an “exit interview” and be given materials which detail how exiting school affects the
deferment and repayment status of student loans.
Withdrawing from school affects financial aid recipients:
1. Students may lose academic eligibility for future financial aid.
Students are required to make “satisfactory academic progress” to continue receiving aid, which includes completing no
less than 67% of the hours attempted each semester. If a student completely withdraws, (s)he has not completed that
requirement and therefore is ineligible for future aid (called financial aid suspension). Students have the opportunity to
submit a written letter of appeal of this suspension if there are extenuating circumstances (such as illness, injury, etc.),
which influenced their decision to withdraw.
2. Student loans may enter repayment status.
Refer to your exit interview materials, the U.S. Department of Education Student Guide or contact your lender to
determine how soon student loan payments will be required.
3. Upcoming student aid disbursements will be cancelled.
All future disbursements will be cancelled. Students who completely withdraw will be on financial aid suspension and must
submit a letter of appeal to determine if their financial aid can be reinstated.
4. Students may have to repay some of the financial aid funds (such as the Federal Pell Grant, Federal
Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) or Federal Stafford Loans (subsidized or unsubsidized))
received for that semester.
The Financial Aid Office will perform a calculation to determine if repayment is required. Students will be notified by mail
in approximately 2 weeks of the results. Be sure you have a valid address on file. If a student withdraws prior to
completion of more than 60% of the semester, CCC is required to calculate how much of the federal financial aid
disbursed was earned by the student. Students withdrawing prior to the completion of more than 60% of the semester
will owe back a portion of the funds disbursed. Students withdrawing prior to the completion of more than 60% in the
semester but who have not yet had their funds disbursed will have a “post withdrawal disbursement” calculated to
rmine the amount of aid earned. Students will owe CCC any charges that exceed this amount. If the charges are less
than this amount, a refund check will be requested and mailed to the student. Once a student has completed more than
60% of the semester, all financial aid is considered to have been earned and no return of federal aid funds is required.
5. Students may owe tuition & fees to CCC that was originally paid by federal financial aid.
If a student withdraws prior to completing more than 60% of the semester, CCC will be required to return to the federal
aid programs a portion of funds that were used to pay tuition and fees. By returning federal aid funds that had been used
to pay CCC charges, a student may have an outstanding balance due to CCC. This balance is in addition to any aid that the
student must repay.
6. Audit classes are treated the same as withdrawal classes for financial aid purposes.
If you have any questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (575)769-4060.
Thank you,
CCC Financial Aid Office