New Mexico Lottery Consortium Agreement
Financial Aid * 417 Schepps Boulevard * Clovis, NM 88101
Phone: (575) 769-4158 * Fax: (575) 769-4027
What is a Consortium Agreement?
A consortium agreement allows a student to receive financial aid funding at one institution for the combined
enrollment hours at two institutions.
*Deadline for consortium is always the last day to charge at CCC Bookstore.*
Student Section
SID#: SSN: Phone Number
Last First Middle Initial
Street or Box Number City State Zip Code
Student must be enrolled in at least six credit hours at Clovis Community College for Fall and Spring.
You may not take more hours at the host institution than at CCC. You must turn in a copy of you class
schedule and billing statement from the host institution.
Enrollment period (select one): Fall
Year Year
Number of hours at Clovis Community College:
Number of hours at Host Institution Name of Host Institution
Are you receiving N.M. Lottery Success Scholarship from the home institution? yes no
Note: The student is responsible for obtaining all signatures before submitting this form to the office
of Financial Aid at Clovis Community College.
Host Institution Section
Host institution must confirm information listed above.
Tuition Only: $
Host institution Financial Aid signature:
Name Phone Date
Student Signature:
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Terms and Conditions
1. Have a completed financial aid file at Clovis Community College
2. Be degree seeking at Clovis Community College
3. Enroll and maintain at least six credit hour at Clovis Community College for fall and spring, and
three credit hours for summer and the same or fewer at the host institution
4. Meet satisfactory academic progress to be eligible for consortium
(See satisfactory academic progress regulations)
Student Section
You must turn in a copy of your class schedule along with the bill from the host institution. You must
pay the host institution or make arrangements to pay your bill.
You are responsible for obtaining all required signatures on this form.
There is no refund if withdrawal takes place after add/drop periods.
All recipients must maintain satisfactory academic progress for financial aid under the policy of the
home institution.
Receiving financial aid from two institutions for the same period of enrollment is illegal.
The host institution will not complete this form until you have registered for classes.
I understand that these course(s) both transfer and count toward the degree plan on the file at Clovis
Community College.