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I attest that the information provided above is true and accurate. I agree to comply with the City of
Coppell rules and regulations and understand that failure to do so may result in revocation or
suspension of the permit.
The permit is not transferable.
A $100.00 permit fee is administered to vendors providing potentially hazardous foods for sale.
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Environmental Health Division
Requirements for Farmers Market Vendors
1. With the exception of cut produce, all potentially hazardous foods for retail sale must be commercially
produced prepackaged items from a licensed facility or commissary. In addition, a manufacturing permit from
the Department of State Health Services and copies of product labels shall be submitted to the Environmental
Health Department.
2. All prepackaged foods must be properly labeled.
a. Egg Products: An egg producer that sells only ungraded eggs from their own flock may be exempt
from licensing from the Texas Department of Agriculture, but must be permitted by the Department of
State Health Services or the local food authority. The eggs must be stored under mechanical
refrigeration at 45 degrees or less, and meet specific labeling requirements.
b. Meat products: Any vendor selling meat products must have the meat processed under USDA or
DSHS regulations. Specific labeling requirements must also be met. Meat must be stored in a
mechanical freezer at 0 degrees or less.
c. Milk Products: Fluid milk, dry milks and milk products shall be obtained pasteurized.
3. All potentially hazardous foods must be maintained below 41 degrees using mechanical refrigeration, or held
above 135 degrees.
4. To provide samples of food at the farmers market, you must:
Distribute the samples in a sanitary manner.
Have potable water available.
Wash any produce intended for sampling with potable water to remove any visible dirt or
When preparing the samples, either wear clean disposable plastic gloves, or observe proper
handwashing techniques immediately before preparation.
Use smooth, nonabsorbent, and easily cleaned (i.e. metal or plastic) utensils and cutting
surfaces for cutting samples, or use disposable utensils and cutting surfaces.
Samples of cut produce and other potentially hazardous foods shall be maintained at a
temperature of 41 degrees or below, or 135 degrees and above or discarded within two hours
after cutting or preparation.
A sample is defined as a bite size portion, not a full serving. Sampling of potentially hazardous foods requires a
permit (because selling of phf requires a permit)
An individual who operates a cottage food production operation must have successfully completed a basic food
safety education or training program for food handlers accredited under Health and Safety Code, Chapter 438,
Subchapter D.
Absolutely no unlabeled foods, may be sold to the public from a food vendor. Any unlabeled foods, improperly
labeled foods or foods that are found being held at improper temperatures may be detained or immediately
condemned by the inspecting officer. Violations may result in citations being issued to the operator and/or owner.
PERMITS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE. The permit issued is for the operator indicated on the permit only.
1. Only frozen packaged meat will be allowed. All meat must come from an approved source.
(USDA stamp or DSHS – Meat and Safety Assurance)
2. All meat items must be stored and displayed in a mechanical freezer approved by the City of
Coppell Environmental Health Department.
3. All labeling requirements must comply with USDA and DSHS rules and regulations.
4. The processing plant must be USDA or DSHS inspected unless it has a small producer
exemption. A small producer must provide proof of exemption and meet labeling requirements.
The producer shall provide either a grant of inspection or exemption.
5. The meat storage facility must provide proof that it is a licensed facility under the Department of
State Health Services.
6. If the meat is stored in a facility other than the processing plant, a copy of the latest health
inspection by the local regulatory authority shall be provided.
7. The following must be provided to the Coppell Environmental Health Department prior to operation
at the Coppell Farmers Market:
a. Completed application,
b. Equipment inspection,
c. Processing license, (or proof of exemption)
d. Storage license,
e. Copy of product labels.