City of Coppell Required Short Term Rental
Informational Brochure for Renters
Rental Property Address:
Property Owner’s Name & 24-Hour Contact Number:
Property Owner’s Local Contact Name & 24-Hour Contact Number (when the owner is outside of Coppell
during the rental period):
Location of Fire Extinguisher:
Max. Number of Occupants Approved for this STR:
Max. Number of vehicles that can be parked on the property without encroaching into the right-of-way
(street, sidewalk, alley):
Additional Parking Restrictions:
Emergency Police, Fire, Medical: 911
Non-emergency Police: 972-304-3600
Non-emergency Fire: 972-304-3512
Instructions for obtaining severe weather, natural or manmade disaster alerts or updates:,, local news channels
Noise restrictions: See the Anti-Noise Ordinance on the back of this sheet.
Trash and Recycle Collection and Container Placement: s
Trash days are Monday and Thursday of each week. Recycle day is on Wednesday of each week.
Containers may be placed in the appropriate right-of-way area no earlier than the morning before the
scheduled pickup day and the containers must be placed back on private property no later than the morning
after the scheduled collection day.
Additional Instructions from the property owner:
Select from drop down.
Alley Pick Up
No person shall make or cause to be made any loud and raucous noise in the city which is offensive
to the ordinary sensibilities of the inhabitants of the city, which noise renders the enjoyment of life or property
uncomfortable or interferes with public peace and comfort.
The following acts, among others, are declared to create loud and raucous noises, and shall be
deemed a violation of this article, and such specific acts are presumed to be offensive to the ordinary
sensibility of the inhabitants of the city, but such enumeration shall not be deemed to be exclusive:
A. The sounding of any horn or signal device on any automobile, motorcycle, bus, streetcar or other
vehicle, except as a danger signal, as required by state law.
B. The playing of any radio, phonograph, or musical instrument in such a manner, or with such
volume as to disturb the peace, quiet, comfort, or repose of persons in any dwelling, apartment,
hotel or other type of residence.
C. The keeping of any animal or fowl which emits or makes a loud, raucous noise.
D. The use of any automobile, motorcycle, streetcar, bus or vehicle so out of repair or so loaded,
which emits or creates loud grating, grinding or rattling noise or vibrations.
E. The discharge into the open air of the exhaust from any motor vehicle except through a muffler,
or other device, which will effectively and efficiently prevent loud and raucous noises.
F. The shouting and crying of peddlers, hawkers and vendors which disturbs the quiet and peace of
the neighborhood.
G. The use of any drum or other instrument or sound amplifying equipment for the purpose of
attracting attention by the creation of noise, to any performance, show, sale or display of
merchandise as to attract customers to any place of business.
H. The use of mechanical loudspeakers or sound amplifiers on trucks or other moving vehicles for
the purpose of advertising any show, sale or display of merchandise.
I. Any construction activity related to the erection, excavation, demolition, alteration, or repair of any
building, fence, swimming pool/spa, flat work, or accessory structure on or adjacent to a residential
district or structure and use as defined in chapter 12 of the Code of Ordinances other than between
the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and
7:00 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays, except that the city manager or designee may
issue a written permit to exceed these hours in the case of urgent necessity in the interest of public
safety or for other reasons determined by the city manager or designee to be necessary for the public
health, safety or welfare. For purposes of this section, "legal holidays" include New Year's Day
(January 1), Memorial Day (observed date), Fourth of July (July 4), Labor Day (observed date),
Thanksgiving Day (observed date), and Christmas Day (December 25).