Program Proposal Handbook
and Application
Coppell Parks and Recreation Department
255 Parkway Blvd, Coppell, Texas 75019
2 | P a g e
Thank you for your interest in programming for the City of Coppell Parks and Recreation
Department. The City values its partnerships in providing the highest quality services to
the community and achieving positive outcomes.
Program instructors play an important role in providing services for our patrons.
Program instructors are expected to adhere to the City’s Mission, Vision, and Values
which you will find in this booklet’s introduction. Program instructors are also
expected to follow all City policies and procedures, many of which are discussed
throughout the booklet. The City has a customer experience mentality and we put
our patrons first in everything we do. Our patrons are the reason why we exist.
The Coppell Parks and Recreation Department provides a wealth of classes and
programs for the public to enjoy. Together we have a fantastic opportunity to
make a positive impact on the community in which we live, work, and play. Some
of the benefits of Recreation include, building self-esteem and positive self-image,
developing life skills essential for child development, reducing isolation and
loneliness, building strong families, building social skills, reducing stress, and
enhancing overall health and well-being. The Parks and Recreation Department is
committed to serving as the community’s health and wellness partner.
Contracting Staff
Recreation Center
Fitness & Adult
Senior Programs
Senior Center
Community Programs
3 | P a g e
The information contained in this booklet is intended for current instructors and those who are
interested in becoming instructors. The booklet is a resource of information related to instructing
a “fee” program for the Coppell Parks and Recreation Department. As an instructor with the
City, you are considered an independent contractor with distinct professional skills and expertise
in the area in which you are providing instruction. It is also understood that the City does not
perform the services that you offer as part of its regular business.
As an independent contractor, you are in charge of organizing your curriculum, course
instruction, and all materials as you deem appropriate for the class. Although the City will
provide a facility, park or site to teach your course, we will coordinate enrollment of participants
and provide some advertising through our activity guide. The City will not provide equipment or
supplies for the program, nor dictate or control the manner in which you organize your course
instruction or how you teach your course.
The Parks and Recreation Department operates under the following Mission, Vision and Values
statements and goals, and it is intended that the courses offered to its residents and others,
reflect these values and goals.
We provide Responsible Stewardship of natural and allocated resources through
recreational and educational opportunities that enhance the health, safety, and quality of
life for individuals and the community.
A community connected through people, parks, and programs.
Commitment - We have the courage to sacrifice our own comfort and freedoms in
order to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of both those whom we serve and our
fellow employees, and we do so willingly and without regret.
Equality - Discrimination based on race, gender, age, color, creed, disability or religious
preference will not be tolerated.
Personal Integrity - We recognize that we hold a special position of public trust and
must preserve that trust by always being truthful and honest, while maintain the highest
ethical standards.
Teamwork - We must depend upon one another in order provide excellent and cost
effective services and programs to our community and believe team spirit is fostered
when we voluntarily offer to assist one another.
4 | P a g e
Personal Development - We avail ourselves of opportunities offered or suggested by
our organization in order to maintain and improve our skills and abilities as needed to
serve a growing community and a constantly changing environment.
Leadership - We demonstrate leadership by example and practice, looking for
opportunities and volunteering to lead the work and activities of others, promoting
excellence in all these efforts.
Professionalism - Regardless of the job or duty we are asked to perform in the service
of our community, we do so with pride and professionalism.
Respect for Others - In exercising the duties, responsibilities, and authority given to us,
we do so with respect and dignity for the diversity of all living creatures.
Why program for Coppell Parks
and Recreation?
The Coppell Parks and Recreation Department is committed to be the primary recreation
provider of choice for the Coppell Community. As a contract instructor we commit to offer you
the following:
The Parks and Recreation Department uses a technologically advanced computer
registration system that allows us to maintain facility booking for your program and to
process registrations in an efficient manner. Instructors will have access to print and
view attendance reports and class/program rosters.
Participants have two (2) ways of registering for classes: online or in person and we
accept cash, checks, and credit card payments. We take the registration hassle out of
instructor’s duties.
The Coppell Activities Guide is printed 3 times a year and all programs in our system
that meet deadline for publication will be included in the guide.
In addition to the guide, the Parks and Recreation Department sends eBlasts, news
releases, Facebook posts and continually updates our website for accurate information.
Flyers/additional brochures specific to your program can be displayed in the facility. We
will print color copies at no charge for the instructor. All marketing materials must be
approved by Supervisor. Flyers/brochures will be branded with our affiliated logo and
The electronic display monitors throughout the facility are available for additional
marketing opportunities. Specific programs have opportunity to be displayed on other
City facility monitors.
Throughout the year there are opportunities to provide marketing materials at special
events, open houses, and fairs. Instructors are often invited to participate in these type
events to promote their program in person.
5 | P a g e
Instructor Requirements
As an Independent Contractor, both parties will be acting in an independent capacity and not as
agents, employees, partners or joint ventures of one another. Contractors are not employees of
the City of Coppell and are not entitled to any rights, benefits, or privileges of employees.
As an Independent Contractor, you oversee organizing your own curriculum, course instruction,
and all materials as you deem appropriate for your class. Classes, programs, and camps may
be designed for preschoolers, school age children, teens, and adults. It may be sports, fitness,
educational, or cultural arts such as; fine arts, performing arts, and crafting. We are always
open to new trending and creative program ideas.
1. Instructor Application required by all potential Independent Service
2. Class/Program/Camp Proposal required for first time program and updated each
season as necessary for program changes.
3. Annual Contract A new Independent Service Provider Contractor Agreement must be
completed annually. Required forms included in this contract are (but not limited to):
Independent Service Provider Questionnaire
Company Information Sheet
Conflict of Interest Questionnaire
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payment Authorization Form
4. Insurance Requirements All Instructors/Contractors are required to obtain and
maintain general liability insurance of a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence. A
Certificate of Liability Insurance is required to be on file, with the City of Coppell listed as
a Certificate Holder and as an Additional Insured. An Endorsement Page must
accompany insurance certificate. Certificate Holder and Additional Certificate Holder will
be listed as:
The City of Coppell
255 Parkway Blvd
Coppell, TX 75019
5. Background Check and Drug Screening Each instructor who will provide services
under this contract must provide a City approved drug and alcohol test and a criminal
history background check a minimum of 2 weeks prior to start of class/program.
6. Contract instructors are required by the City of Coppell to be a licensed business
The City of Coppell is not authorized to contract with Single-Member LLCs or Sole
Proprietors. Therefore, if you fall into that category, there is a possibility you may be
hired as a city employee to instruct programs/classes.
6 | P a g e
Submitting a Proposal
1. Submit an Independent Contractor Application, Independent Service Provider
Questionnaire, Conflict of Interest Questionnaire about yourself and your business.
Complete the New Class/Program Proposal Form and then submit your paperwork to
the appropriate supervisor listed on page 2.
2. After review, we will contact you via email or phone. If further information is needed
and/or your proposal is accepted, you will be asked to set up an in person meeting to
discuss further.
3. Classes for which the department will not accept proposals for are as follows:
a. Programs that are similar to programs we currently offer (please review the most
recent Activity Guide available online at
(Some proposals may be filed for future consideration)
b. Programs that have been offered in the past but have been cancelled,
unless you can demonstrate you have the necessary number of
participants who are interested.
c. The department does not rent rooms in our facilities for the purpose of
hosting classes or programs that are either similar to what we currently
offer or ones that have a fee associated with them.
4. Submitting a proposal does not guarantee that a class or activity will be
added to the City’s recreation offering or to the Activity Guide. Additionally, once added,
there are no guarantees the department will continue to offer the activity or program.
(There is no exclusivity to instructors or the classes they teach)
5. Proposals are due several months in advance prior to start of any new program. To
ensure your class/program is considered for the appropriate time of year, your
Application and Proposal must be submitted in advance by the following deadlines:
SUMMER (June August) Deadline January 1
FALL (September December) Deadline May 1
WINTER/SPRING (January May) Deadline September 1
6. Holidays and Class Cancellations The facilities will be closed for the major holidays
and no programs will be scheduled. During the school year, we avoid scheduling regular
on-going programs when children are on school holidays and breaks. The exceptions
will be for the fall, winter, and spring breaks when children are out of school for a longer
period of time. We may schedule camps and specialty classes for those weeks only.
7 | P a g e
Class/Program Fees
1. Class Fees Instructors are responsible for setting their own class fees. The supervisor
will provide assistance on current market conditions. The contract instructor and
supervisor can negotiate a final fee. The Instructor will receive a negotiated percentage
of the enrollment fees collected by the City for course(s) taught by the instructor. Non-
resident fees and late fees, described below, are not included in the calculation of the
enrollment fees.
2. Non-Resident Fees The City of Coppell imposes a non-resident fee to individuals who
do not reside in the City of Coppell. The non-resident fee is automatically added to the
enrollment fee. Instructors do not receive a percentage of the non-resident fee portion
3. Other Surcharge Fees For all classes at The CORE there is a $5.00 late fee imposed
if a student registers within 6 days prior to start of the class or after the class has already
begun. Instructors do not receive any portion of this fee.
4. Supply Fees A supply fee is any fee that is not charged by The City of Coppell and is
collected and payable directly to the instructor. These fees are typically consumable
items the student benefits from in the class. These fees are never collected, nor charged
by, The City and are the sole responsibility of the instructor to collect. It is important that
supply fees are listed with the course description and in all promotional media.
5. Discounts Instructors, in coordination with the supervisor, may offer discounts and/or
incentives to students to register for classes. Some discounts may include, but not
limited to, multiple family or sibling discounts, multiple class discounts, new student or
trial offers, etc. Keep in mind that discounts may lower instructor compensation for the
class or camp and are only permissible with approval by the supervisor.
6. Prorated Fees Coppell Parks and Recreation does not prorate program fees. This
means when a student signs up for a class after it has started, the student is expected to
pay the full class fee for that class. If a student misses a class due to their own actions,
they will not receive a prorated portion of their fees returned. If a class is cancelled due
to an instructor’s illness or inclement weather, every effort will be made to hold a
makeup class. If a makeup class cannot be given, a prorated portion of their registration
fee will be returned to the student. It is at the discretion of the supervisor, in consultation
with the instructor, that some exceptions can be made to prorate a class fee for a
Instructor Payment
The City of Coppell pays the contractor based on the enrolled participants and the negotiated
percentage of the set class/program fee after any refunds or transfers have been made.
Payment process will begin the last week of a program. The City of Coppell finance department
has a 30-day requirement to pay all invoices, however, every effort is made so that instructors
are paid within 10 days following the last week of classes. Checks are processed through EFT
(Electronic Fund Transfer) and are deposited directly into your bank account. The City of
Coppell is not responsible for any delays of funds once it has been sent to your bank. Please
check with your bank as to the availability of funds into your account once they have been
received by your bank.
8 | P a g e
Managing your Class/Program
1. Class/Program Rosters A list of all course participants can be retrieved online
through our registration system, ActiveNet, or you may contact the front desk for a
roster. Please take attendance during each class/program meeting using an attendance
sheet verifying everyone in attendance is listed on roster. For a step by step process on
accessing ActiveNet, please see the section titled “ActiveNet” in this handbook.
2. Class/Program Cancellation The contractor must contact the supervisor if there is a
need to cancel or reschedule a class/program. It is the contractor’s responsibility to
contact all participants to let them know of the cancellation. Failure to notify the
supervisor and participants in the event of a cancellation may jeopardize future
agreements with the City. If the class/program does not meet the minimum number of
participants pre-established by the instructor, cancellation may be considered within 6
days prior to the start of the class/program. It is the expectation that the instructors
check the class/program enrollment prior to the start of their class/program and discuss
with the supervisor if a cancellation should occur. If the decision is made to cancel the
class/program, The Parks and Recreation staff will contact all participants and process
3. Class/Program Changes The Parks and Recreation Department alerts students to
changes in dates or class/program time by including class/program dates, holidays, and
planned absences in promotional materials and on their receipt. However, if the changes
occur after publication, instructors are also expected to remind students of deviation
from the regular class/program format with signs and verbal announcements at the
beginning and end of activity the week before the expected change.
4. No Shows If a participant does not show up for the first class/program, please give the
participant a call to remind him or her of the next class/program, if you have multiple
class/programs. It is the participant’s responsibility to remember the
class/programs/camps that they have signed up for, but it is good customer service to
call your participants (phone numbers are printed on the course attendance sheet).
5. Refund and Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy We stand behind the quality of our
programs. If a participant is not satisfied with a class/program for any reason after
attending the first program meeting, they may request for a full refund or transfer. After
the second program meeting they may request a pro-rated refund. All refund requests
must be made prior to the end date of the program. Refund requests for one-day
programs must be made 24 hours in advance.
6. Room Set-Up and Clean-Up Each instructor is responsible for the class/program set-
up and clean-up of the facility and/or park site. Most facilities are equipped with tables
and chairs. If such equipment is used during a class/program, it is expected that each
instructor will stack all chairs and tables and put the equipment in the appropriate place.
The instructor should arrive early enough to have the room set-up by the class/program
start time and allow enough time after the class/program to make sure the facility is
cleaned and returned to its previous condition. Instructors are only allowed in the
facilities for the time reserved for their class/program. Each class/program is given at
least 15 minutes to set-up and 15 minutes to clean-up. If more time is needed, please
contact the supervisor and it can be discussed. Instructors are responsible for making
sure the facility is completely secure at the end of the class/program, this includes
checking any exterior doors located in your classroom.
9 | P a g e
Additional Room Regulations
No tape is allowed on
painted surfaces
Remove all items
temporarily hung from
ceiling or windows
Lost and found items
should to be given to front
desk staff - not left in room
Broom, dust pan and
cleaning wipes are
available in closet
7. Storage Our facilities have limited storage and space is rarely granted. items may not
be stored in the facility without discussion with supervisor and a signed storage waiver is
on file.
Customer Service and Instructor
Instructors are encouraged to treat all staff at City facilities, volunteers, fellow instructors,
customers, and our partners, with professionalism. Please be courteous, friendly, thoughtful,
efficient, and considerate to everyone. Contractors are required to provide excellent customer
service, take pride in where they work, and what the class/programs they offer.
It is expected that all instructors are prepared for class, arrive in a timely manner, and prepared
to teach a top-notch program. As is expected when teaching children’s classes, not all students
perform at the same level or in the same way. We ask that you be fair with all students and do
not show favoritism. As with any group classes, not all students progress at that same pace.
Please do not let a student take up extended amounts of your time so that you cannot give
equal attention to the remainder of the participants. The class needs to be a positive
experience for everyone. In these situations, some students may not be ready or experienced
enough to handle the class level. We expect you to speak with the parent/guardian as to the
circumstances of the situation and resolve the issues. This can be done by changing the child’s
class level, adjust teaching style, or remove participant from program and issue a refund. If the
situation is a behavioral issue, parents must be notified immediately. Supervisor should be
notified when first signs of behavioral issues begin and he/she will assist in the decision if the
child needs to be removed from the class and refund issued.
Safety and Emergencies
Above any other consideration, the Parks and Recreation Department, and by extension its
contractors, must provide for the safety of the people who use its facilities and participate in its
programs. You must use your best judgment at all times, and think safety constantly and
exercise all possible measures to prevent accidents, injuries, and/or damage to property.
Participants should also be encouraged to think in terms of safety. Take the time to speak
directly and concisely, and explain to participants why they should be doing something.
10 | P a g e
1. Minor accident/incident Notify front desk immediately. First aid supplies are
available at the front desk. If at The CORE, aquatics staff will respond to the situation,
as they are the first responders in the facility.
2. Major accident/emergency In the case of a potentially life-threatening emergency,
dial 911 immediately and send for help from the front desk. If at The CORE, aquatics
staff will assist in the situation and try to stabilize the emergency prior to arrival of
medical emergency crews.
3. Accident/Incident Reporting An official report must be filed by instructor prior to
leaving the facility the day of the accident/incident. A report form can be obtained from
the front desk or aquatics staff, and staff will assist in completing the forms. Make sure
you have names involved in the situation and full details of what occurred, facts only.
Supervisor must be notified of all accidents, incidents, and emergencies immediately.
4. AED AED’s are located in each facility. Please make sure before beginning you know
where these are located in the facility.
5. Fire Extinguishers Fire extinguishers are located in each building. Please become
familiar with their locations.
6. Inclement Weather In the event of inclement weather, all participants and staff will be
moved to designated safe areas of the building. Front desk staff or supervisors will
escort group to designated areas where they will stay until emergency situation has
7. Evacuation If the facility needs to be evacuated for an emergency situation, everyone
will be taken to the facility safe zone. Prior to returning to the facility, minors may be
released to their parents or authorized guardian only. Instructors are required to take
class/program roster with them when they leave the facility as this will contain parents
ActiveNet is the registration software we use for programming. Instructors can download their
rosters prior to the start of class/program. Instructors can view and print rosters (with contact
information), attendance sheets and view activity text.
1. Go to the website:
2. Click the sign in button. Username and Password: You have a temporary username and
password. Username is: first initial last name (i.e. jdavis). Password is: last name (i.e.
3. Click on “My Account” in the upper right corner to access all your personal information
as well as instructor information.
4. Check your personal information and change your password. In the “Personal
Information” section, you can change your password, update your address, birthday, etc.
5. Check your instructor information! This is where you can pull together rosters,
attendance sheets, etc.
6. To pull a simple class/program roster, follow the steps below:
a. Click on “Roster-Brief”
b. Select the class/program you want to create a roster for (you can select one or
7. Scroll through the options, including “output type”
8. Click on Run Report
11 | P a g e
Independent Contractor Application
Class/Program Proposal
Contract Questionnaire
Name of Business or Organization:_________________________________________________________
Name of Primary Contact:_________________________ Phone Number:_______________________
Address:_____________________________________ City:_________________State: ___Zip:_________
Email Address:_________________________________ Website Address:_________________________
How is your business classified? Individual/sole proprietor Corporation Partnership
How long has your business been open? Do you have employees? Yes No
Describe the purpose of your business and what it does:
Are you Over 18 Years Old? Yes No
Do you possess a valid driver’s license? Yes No
Are you a citizen of the United States or do you have a legal right to work in the US? Yes No
Bilingual Language Skills: Language - ______________________ Speak Write
Language - ______________________ Speak Write
Check Highest Education Level: High School Diploma/GED College: 1 2 3 4
Post Graduate: Masters Doctorate
Licenses/Certificates (A copy of each certificate will be required to be turned in with a signed contract):
1) ________________________________ Issued By:________________________ Expire:______
2) ________________________________ Issued By:________________________ Expire:______
3) ________________________________ Issued By:________________________ Expire:______
List Current Instructors:
1) ________________________________ 2) _______________________________________
3) ________________________________ 4) _______________________________________
Please provide a list of three (3) references who can speak to your work and/or experience as it relates to your
class proposal:
1) Name:______________________________How long has this person know you?___________
Telephone Numbers:___________________________________________________________
Email:________________________________ Relationship:____________________________
2) Name:______________________________How long has this person know you?___________
Telephone Numbers:___________________________________________________________
Email:________________________________ Relationship:____________________________
3) Name:______________________________How long has this person know you?___________
Telephone Numbers:___________________________________________________________
Email:________________________________ Relationship:____________________________
By my signature below, I acknowledge that this Questionnaire is intended to assist the City of
Coppell in complying with various federal and state laws. I also understand that false or
incomplete information may cause the City to be unintentionally noncompliant with such laws.
By my signature below, I certify that my answers to this Questionnaire are accurate and complete
and I agree to immediately notify the City’s Human Resources Department, in writing, if there is
a material change in the facts as presented in the Questionnaire.
_______________________________________________________ __________________________
Service Provider’s Printed Name, Title Date
Submittal Date:_________________________ (Please provide separate forms for each class/program)
Name of Business or Organization:_________________________________________________________
Name of Primary Contact:_________________________ Phone Number:_______________________
Address:_____________________________________ City:_________________State: ___Zip:_________
Email Address:_________________________________ Website Address:_________________________
Proposed Class Title:
Class/Program Description for Activity Guide: (Include benefit statements and “you” language, 50 words max)
Type Program: On-going Sessions Camp Periodically or One-time Special Program
Preferred Days of the Week:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Thursday Friday Saturday
Preferred Times:
Mornings between 6am 12 noon
Afternoons between 12pm 5pm
Evenings between 5pm 9pm
Preferred facility/classroom needed: The CORE Senior Center Biodiversity Educ. Ctr Park
PreSchool (2-5 yrs) Teens (13-17 yrs)
School Age (6-12 yrs) Adults (18 & up)
Camps Health & Fitness Enrichment
Dance, Music & Performing Arts Workshop
Arts & Crafts Special Interest Other
Age Minimum:
Age Maximum:
Minimum Class
Maximum Class
Will contractor named above be the instructor for this class? Yes No
If not, please list instructor’s name(s):
Compensation Requesting:
Percentage of fees - 70 %
Suggested Course Fee (should account for the
“contractual percentage/rate split” between instructor
and City) $_______________
Any other associated fees tied to this program
(supplies, uniforms, recital fee, etc.)? How much
and what for?
Are there any discounts tied to this program (discount
for multiple registrations, partial week, daily rate, sibling
registrations, etc.)? How much?
IndependentServiceProviderQuestionnaire(revisedAug.1,2011) Page1
Service Provider’s Name: ________________________ Date: ________________________
Your answers to this questionnaire will be used by the City of Coppell’s Human Resources
Department to determine whether you are properly classified as an independent contractor or as
an employee. This determination is necessary to ensure that the City complies with federal tax
withholding and reporting laws as well as other requirements governing employees and
independent contractors. If you need more space to answer any of the questions, you may attach
additional pages as necessary.
1. Please describe the types of classes you desire to teach
2. Is your business a company, or are you providing the services in your individual capacity?
3. Do you have a business card?
If so, please attach.
4. Do you advertise or otherwise promote your services?
If so, please describe.
Do you have a website?
If so, what is the URL?
5. Do you have a brochure or other marketing materials?
If so, please attach.
Yes No
IndependentServiceProviderQuestionnaire(revisedAug.1,2011) Page2
6. Please list any certifications or licenses you hold related to the classes you wish to teach and
the certifying organizations. Attach copies of the listed certifications and licenses.
7. What supplies or equipment do you need to teach these classes?
Who will supply these items?
8. Who will actually teach the classes?
If you (or the scheduled instructor) is sick or is otherwise unable to teach a scheduled class,
how will the absence be handled? Will a substitute instructor be provided? Please provide
9. Do you perform criminal background checks on your employees/instructors?
If so, what criminal records do you check?
If so, how often are background checks performed?
If so, who conducts the criminal background check?
Note: Service Providers must provide the City with documentation evidencing successful
completion of a City-approved drug and alcohol test and a City-approved criminal history
background check on all individuals who will teach classes or provide other services to the
City. This documentation must be provided to the City’s Human Resources Department no
later than 5 business days before the class or service is scheduled to begin.
Yes No
IndependentServiceProviderQuestionnaire(revisedAug.1,2011) Page3
10. Describe how you desire to be compensated and in what amount(s)?
11. Have you ever been an employee of the City?
If yes, answer the following:
Dates of employment –
Position title
Rate of pay –
Describe duties/work performed-
12. Have you performed work as an independent contractor for cities or companies other than the
City of Coppell within the last 2 years?
If yes, identify them and estimate the number of hours worked for each during the
prior 2 years.
If the services were different than the classes you will be teaching for Coppell,
please describe.
13. What monetary or other investments have you made to your business?
14. Do you have insurance coverage in connection with the classes you will teach for the City,
e.g., worker’s compensation or general liability?
If yes, please describe, including the name of the insurance carrier and the organization
providing the coverage.
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
IndependentServiceProviderQuestionnaire(revisedAug.1,2011) Page4
If yes, you must attach copies of the relevant policies, certificates of coverage, and other
related documentation.
Note: The City requires a minimum of $1 million in general liability coverage. The City
must be named as an additional insured and listed as a certificate holder. The City must
also be provided at least a 30-day written notice of any proposed or threatened
cancellation of the policy.
Certification & Acknowledgement
By my signature below, I acknowledge that this Questionnaire is intended to assist the City of
Coppell in complying with various federal and state laws. I also understand that false or
incomplete information may cause the City to be unintentionally noncompliant with such laws.
By my signature below, I certify that my answers to this Questionnaire are accurate and complete
and I agree to immediately notify the City’s Human Resources Department, in writing, if there is
a material change in the facts as presented in the Questionnaire.
________________________ ____________________________________________
Service Provider’s Printed Name, Title Date
Human Resources Department:
Based on the information provided on this Questionnaire and the attached documents, if any, I
have determined that the Service Provider:
____ Qualifies as an independent contractor
____ Does not qualify as an independent contractor
______________________________ _____________________________________
Name, Title Date