All temporary food booths serving potentially hazardous food and/or drink in the City of
Coppell must be permitted by the City of Coppell Health Department prior to serving
food to the public. The Health Department shall approve the menu of items served.
Booth operators shall submit a complete Temporary Food Application and pay
applicable fees a minimum of 1 week prior to the event. Booth operators should contact
the Health Department at (972) 462-5177 or 5164 to schedule an inspection. Permits
are issued after successful completion of inspections and payment of fees. Temporary
Permits are $50.00. Non-Profit Organizations are $25.00. Fees are non-refundable.
A. Food
1. Those potentially hazardous foods requiring limited preparation, such as
preformed hamburgers and hot dogs shall be prepared and served unless
otherwise approved by the regulatory authority. No slicing, dicing, or cutting of
food products onsite. This prohibition does not apply to potentially hazardous
food that has been prepared or packaged under conditions meeting the
requirements of this Ordinance, is obtained in individual servings, in facilities that
meet the requirements of this Ordinance, and is served directly in the unopened
container in which it was packaged. The sale or conveyance of fish, raw poultry,
or shellfish products (except certain prepackaged frozen products) is prohibited.
2. Foods cooked offsite must be prepared and cooked at a currently permitted and
inspected food establishment. These cooked foods must be properly transported
to the temporary site while maintaining proper temperatures. HOME
3. Ice shall not be used as a coolant for potentially hazardous foods at a temporary
food establishment operating for more then 4 hours.
B. Food Stand Construction
1. All temporary food establishments are required to have approved flooring, which
may include concrete, asphalt, tight-fitting plywood, or a plastic tarp.
2. All booths must have suitable covering for food preparation, cooking, and utensil
washing and serving areas.
3. All grills must have a lid or covering.
4. Food trucks/trailers with cooking equipment that produce grease-laden vapors
must be protected by an approved automatic fire extinguishing system.
C. Food Protection and Handling
1. All potentially hazardous foods shall be maintained at an internal temperature of
41 degrees or below or at an internal temperature of 135 degrees or above.
Equipment for cooling or heating foods, and holding cold or hot food shall be
adequate in number and capacity to provide proper food temperatures
Mechanical holding units are required to ensure that the proper temperature is
2. All condiments, including onions, relish, peppers, catsup, mustard, etc., for
customer self-service must be available in individual packets or from an
approved dispenser.
3. All food, food containers, utensils, napkins, straws and other single service
articles must be stored at least six inches off the floor and adequately protected
from splash, dust, insects, weather and other contamination.
4. All open foods must be protected from contamination.
5. When self-service ice dispensers are not used, ice scoops are required. Ice
used for human consumption may not be used to refrigerate other foods and
beverages. Ice storage units must be drained to a wastewater receptacle or a
sanitary sewer system to prevent submergence of beverage containers into
melted ice.
6. Only single service utensils (fork, knife, spoon, plates, and cups) shall be
provided to the customer.
7. A metal stemmed thermometer must be provided for checking food temperatures
during preparation and storage.
8. There must be an available person in charge who is designated to be responsible
for compliance with the food regulations.
D. Sanitation
1. Water from an approved source shall be made available in a temporary food
establishment for food preparation, handwashing, and for cleaning and sanitizing
utensils and equipment.
2. A convenient handwashing facility shall be available for all booths, which handle
open food. Handwash facilities shall include an insulated container with a spigot
that can be turned on to allow potable, clean, warm water to flow; a wastewater
container; soap; disposable towels; and a waste receptacle. Handwash facilities
are not required if the only food items are offered are commercially pre-packaged
foods that are dispensed in their original containers. At least a five-gallon
capacity should be available.
3. Disposable gloves are required, but do not take the place of hand wash facilities.
Food handling personnel must wash hands as frequently as necessary, even
though disposable gloves are required for handling of ready to eat foods. Hands
must be washed before donning gloves for working with food.
4. Provide an adequate number of utensils so dirty utensils can be replaced with
clean utensils. If an adequate number of utensils are not provided, then three
buckets are required for the washing of dirty utensils on site. The first bucket
shall be soapy water. The second bucket is clean water, and the third bucket is
for the sanitizer. The buckets shall be large enough to fit the largest utensil.
5. Wiping cloths used for cleaning food contact surfaces shall be clean and shall be
stored in a sanitizing solution of at least 100-ppm chlorine between uses. A
residual of 100 ppm may be obtained by placing one tablespoon of bleach into
one gallon of water.
6. All employees must wear an effective hair restraint (i.e. hairnet, cap, or visor).
7. No eating, drinking, or smoking is permitted in food preparation or serving areas.
8. All wastewater from sinks, steam tables, buckets, etc. must be disposed of into a
sanitary sewer system. Wastewater shall not be poured out onto the ground or
into a storm drain.
9. Trash containers shall be available inside the booth.
_____ All food comes from an approved Source.
- All foods served must be on the approved application.
_____ Mechanical cold or hot holding devices for maintaining PHF at proper temperatures
- Below 41
F or above 135
_____ Food Thermometer Available.
_____ Ice from a commercial source.
_____ Hair Restraints
_____ Good Hygiene Practices.
- No smoking, or eating in prep area.
_____ Handwashing Facilities:
- Container of water with a continuous flow spigot.
- Soap/paper towels.
- Bucket to catch the dirty water.
- Wastewater disposed of in the sanitary sewer.
_____ No Bare Hand Contact.
_____ Sanitizing Solutions:
- Sanitizing solution can be made by adding a capful of bleach per gallon of water
_____ Bleach for sanitizing.
_____ Wiping cloths stored in bucket with sanitizer.
_____ Food and utensils are stored off the ground and are covered and protected from contamination.
_____ Adequate number of serving spoons, spatulas, tongs, scoops, etc.
- If inadequate, utensils must be washed, rinsed and sanitized using a 3-bucket system.
_____ Condiments are in squeeze bottles or in individual packets.
_____ Trash cans conveniently located.
_____ Proper construction:
- Located on a hard surface, covered prep area.
- Food may be cooked outside, but must be taken inside the booth for service to the customer.
All items are mandatory for booth operators.
Any deficiency shall be corrected prior to food being served to the public.
The regulatory authority may establish additional requirements as necessary, to ensure that foods sold or
sampled to consumers are safe and of sanitary quality. The City of Coppell may limit the number of
potentially hazardous foods or disallow these foods as needed.
Special Event:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Name of Establishment:___________________________________________________________ Phone :_________________________________
Dates of Event: From______________ To ______________ Time of Operation_______________________________________
Location of Event:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Responsible Person:____________________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________________
Email: ___________________________________________________ Do you operate food establishments at other loc
ations: Yes____ No______
If yes, provide name and address:_____________________________________________________________________________________________
Menu: List all items. Any changes must be submitted and approved by the Health Department prior to the event.
Food items to be served (*only listed foods and beverages may be
Place of food preparation/storage (no home preparation or storage of
foods allowed)
1. 1.
2. 2.
3. 3.
4. 4.
5. 5.
6. 6.
Note: *A
ny food items served without approval may result in the temporary food establishment permit being suspended or revoked
for non-compliance.
Describe hot holding equipment:__________________________________________________________________________________________________
Describe cold holding equipment:_________________________________________________________________________________________________
Electricity available: Yes___________ No ______________ City Water available: Yes ___________ No ____________
Method of liquid waste disposal:__________________________________________________________________________________________________
Describe handwash equipment:___________________________________________________________________________________________________
Describe utensil washing equipment:_______________________________________________________________________________________________
Describe overhead protection used:________________________________________________________________________________________________
Describe floor covering used:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________
I acknowledge receipt of a copy of Guidelines for Temporary Food Establishments and understand that failure to comply with the City of
Coppell Rules on Food Service Sanitation may result in citations for violations and/or closure of the facility until violations are corrected.
Signature_____________________________________________________________________ Date____________________________________
Office Use Only - $50.00 per event – Non Profit Organizations $25.00 per event (fees are nonrefundable)
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