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General Formatting
Each section has at Least Two Entries in it (except possibly education).
Entries are in Reverse Chronological format (most recent first).
Consistent Spacing and structure to spread out text using tabs, alignment, etc.
No Spelling/Grammar Errors: Proofread by at least two people with excellent writing skills.
Contact Information
Include: your name, professional email address, phone number, and local mailing address.
No Personal Information (i.e. age, marital status, etc.).
Personal Summary or Highlights Section
Introduces accomplishments, Sets the Tone and provides a reason for the employer to keep reading.
No Objective Statement(s): Often focus on you rather than what you can do for employer.
Includes some of the most Relevant Keywords from job description(s) into your resume.
Work and/or Volunteer Experience Section(s)
Each Entry Includes: job title, organisation name and location (city, province), and start and end dates.
Use Accomplishment Statements instead of listing tasks or responsibilities. Include:
Challenge or Context What was the circumstance/issue/problem?
Action What specific skills or efforts did you take to resolve the issue?
Result What was good for customers, co-workers or organisation? Use numbers when possible.
Each accomplishment statement begins with a Strong Active Verb.
Each entry contains Two to Five Accomplishment Statements.
No High School entry. It is irrelevant if earning a post-secondary degree/diploma.
Each Entry Includes degree/diploma, major(s)/minor(s)/program(s) of study, name and location of post-
secondary institution (city, province), and year of (anticipated) graduation.
Optional: Accolades/awards, GPA (if impressive), and extracurricular clubs (if in leadership role).
Other Sections
May include: professional affiliations, certifications/training, interests/activities, awards, etc.
No references or “references available upon request” statement included in your resume.