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capturing it all? Here are some tips for you to maximize your growth and development by taking a
proactive approach to managing your career.
experiences. You will learn new skills and understand more about your values, interests, as well as your
preferred activities and environments.
In addition to skill development, keep track of your accomplishments. You want to be able to add
easy to forget details, so make notes as they happen so that you can refer to them later. Be specific about
how your actions resulted in positive changes in your environment, include quantifiable measurements
where possible.
Reflect on your experiences in summer or part-time jobs, internships, co-op, or volunteer positions. What
strengths did you discover? What did you like or not like about the experience? Record your thoughts. Use
your notes when considering possible career paths to measure if they will be a good fit.
Start a Career Management File, to keep your notes handy. It can be a digital file or physical file or binder.
Use whatever means will be easiest for you to maintain. Examples of items to consider adding to your file:
master resume, list of references, letters of recommendation
notes about how you contributed to a team effort, positive feedback from customers
detailed notes of your accomplishments (include facts and figures where possible)
comments and references from professors and supervisors
attendance records, professional development information (conferences, workshops, etc.),
evidence of foreign travel and study
personal mission statement and so much more!
Having an up-to-date career management file will make it easier for you to gather your experiences, skills, and
competencies into a targeted application and help you answer interview questions with confidence. Taking a
leading you next.