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Research employers so that you make a great first impression to recruiters. Research will also enable
you to prioritize which employers to visit first.
Wear proper business attire.
Bring multiple copies of your resume. Give them to recruiters when asked.
Prepare a 30 second pitch or introduction about who you are and what you have to offer employers.
Ask engaging questions (see below). Don’t ask something that you could easily find online.
Request business cards (and give yours away). Use the info to send thank you notes.
First impressions matter. Be polite to everyone. You never know who you will run into.
Have patience, there may be long lines. Use the time to practice your networking skills with others
in line.
A firm handshake and maintaining eye contact are important professional skills when
communicating with recruiters.
Plan to attend workshops and seminars to increase your understanding of the job market and search
Questions for Career Fair Employers:
What entry-level positions are available in your company?
What skills, work experience, or educational background do you look for when you recruit for these jobs?
What courses would best prepare me for your entry-level positions? Are there any student
organisations or activities that would be benecial in preparing for a position at your company?
What are the primary responsibilities of a person in this position?
Does your company oer any internships, co-ops, or training programs?
What positions at your company would be a strong t for someone with my educational background?
I went online and lled out your application for this role. What else might I do to demonstrate that I
am a qualied candidate for an interview?
How would you describe a typical day in this position?
How does the company measure performance for this job? What are the company’s systems for feedback?
What is the balance between teamwork and individual work at this position?
What characteristics to you look for in a successful applicant?
What challenges and opportunities are associated with the position?
How do you see the jobs in this eld changing over the next ve years? How can I prepare myself for
such changes?
What are the educational backgrounds of other employees in your company or department?
Can you describe the company culture?