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The Header is the same as your resume.
Address of Employer is included.
Name of person responsible for hiring is used.
Opening Paragraph - Background & Purpose
Opening: Mention a personal contact at the company OR express excitement about the opportunity.
Identify where (or from whom) did you Find out about the job.
Briefly Introduce yourself: You highlight what helps you to stand out as a top candidate.
Clearly Identify the position you are applying for. An organisation may have multiple openings.
Body Paragraph(s) - Details
1-3 paragraphs
Show that you have a clear understanding of What the organisation does.
Compliment the company (i.e. awards, what you admire about the company culture or its work, etc.).
Focus on how you can Contribute to THEIR company not just about yourself.
Make it Easy to read: if the paragraph is more than five lines long, consider breaking up the text.
Closing Paragraph - Operations & Goodwill Closing
Be specific about how you will Follow up to pursue an interview.
Thank the recipient of your application for their attention and consideration.
Conclude .
Overall Notes
Proofread! You and two other people you trust should review for any spelling or grammar errors.
Use your
own voice: Your cover letter should be original, not a template with a few words changed.
Use Active voice: With active voice, you identify who does what - and how!
Your letter reflects a
business proposal, not a plea for an interview. What do you offer that's of value?
What objectives can you help them achieve?
Your cover letter must convey optimistic confidence, yet be honest, not inflationary.