Updated 7/5/16
Instructions communicated to the Student. ECC faculty reserves the right to deny transfer based on lack of required document. Please provide
the following documentation:
Student ID: _________________________ Student Name: _________________________________________________
Degree Program(s): _________________________________________________________________________________
Course Evaluation
Course Number:
Course Name:
Copy of transcript
Course syllabus
Course description
Required for Non-Regionally Accredited Institutions:
Instructor credentials
Textbook information
To be completed by the Office of the Registrar/Associate Registrar
Is the transfer institution regionally accredited? Yes No
Accrediting Body:
Registrar Office:
Date forwarded to Division Chair:
All required documents must be collected prior to forwarding form to Division Chair. Forward to appropriate Division Chair within two business days of
receiving all required documentation.
To be completed by Division Chair (check all that apply)
Course is equivalent to ECC course 5 yrs from this term
at which time the course must be re-evaluated:
Course Number:
Course transfers as an elective: (check all that apply)
General Ed CLO Elective:
Communication (CM-CLO)
Critical (CCT-CLO)
Ethics/Soc Resp (ESR-CLO)
Global & Cross Cultural (GC-CLO)
Ethics & Valuing (EV-CLO)
Life Science
Physical Science
Science Lab
Elective (non-specific)
Elective course can be used as a prerequisite? Yes No
If yes, list course allowed to register:
No Transfer (Comment required)
Division Chair/VP of Instruction Signature Date
Please render a decision within five business days by returning this completed document to the Registrar’s Office/Associate Registrar.
Transfer Course Equivalency Evaluation Process (Internal Document Only)
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