Updated 5/16/17
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Phone #: _____________________ Are you a current student at East Central College?
Students attending ECC may elect, under certain circumstances, to petition for forgiveness of grades of (D) or (F) earned in coursework taken in a
single semester. Grades will remain on the transcript but will be forgiven for purposed of grade point average computation and will be denoted
accordingly. This policy applies only to coursework taken at ECC. Transfer institutions may or may not, at their discretion, honor the grade
forgiveness from ECC. Students should consult with the transfer school regarding its policies.
By initialing the following guidelines, I am certifying I understand the policy and criteria associated with the Academic Grade Forgiveness Policy
(student must initial each criteria):
A. _____ Policy limits grade forgiveness to a single semester of coursework
B. _____ Petitions are limited to students who have not attended ECC for a minimum of two consecutive semesters (excluding summer) OR who
have changed his/her major. Students who wish to maintain continuous enrollment may seek relief under the Grade Replacement Policy.
C. _____ Academic Grade Forgiveness may be invoked only once.
D. _____ Upon receipt of a degree from East Central College, a student is no longer eligible for Academic Grade Forgiveness.
E. _____ Use of the Academic Grade Forgiveness Policy does not preclude a student from use of the college’s Grade Replacement Policy for
coursework taken during other semesters.
F. _____ Academic Grade Forgiveness Policy applies only to coursework taken at East Central College
G. _____ Forgiven coursework and grades will remain on the student’s official transcript (with proper annotation), but will not count toward any
program/graduation requirements or be computed in any grade point average.
H. _____ Grade Forgiveness will not retroactively impact a student’s status with respect to any financial aid program or other student assistance
I. _____ Academic forgiveness is not revocable.
J. _____ Student must attach a student copy of current transcript with the grades and/or semester highlighted.
Year requested : 20_____
Semester requested (Fall/Spring/Summer): ___________
List all courses you wish to be forgiven:
Should be only (D) or (F) courses
Should not be used in a repeat
Must be taken in the same term
Course Number & Name:
Describe how your situation aligns with the Academic Grade Forgiveness Criteria (additional paper may be used):
Student: ________________________________________________ Date: ___________
Advisor: _________________________________________________ Date: ___________
Registrar: ________________________________________________ Date: ____________ Approve Deny
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Academic Grade Forgiveness Form
Grade Forgiveness Policy, Criteria, and Guidelines
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