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Student Loan Adjustment Request
Failure to complete this entire form may result in the delay of your student loan being processed in a timely manner.
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Loan Period:
_____ Fall & Spring _____ Fall Only _____ Spring Only _____ Summer
You must be in at least 6 Title IV eligible credit hours to increase your student loan.
Requested Loan Amount: Average loan debt for Fall 2018 ECC Graduates: $12,204
Please indicate your requested loan adjustment below. We recommend that you always borrow conservatively.
We will always process subsidized loans first; if you do not qualify for a subsidized loan, we will automatically process
an unsubsidized loan. Sophomore students have completed more than 30 credit hours.
Interest Rate: 4.53%
0-29 Credit Hrs Completed
30+ Credit Hrs Completed
Fall & Spring Maximum
Dependent: $5,500
Dependent: $6,500
Independent: $9,500
Independent: $10,500
Fall Only/Spring Only Maximum
Dependent: $2,750
Dependent: $3,250
Independent: $4,750
Independent: $5,250
_____ Increase my student loan: from: $______________________ to: $______________________
(current loan amount) (new loan amount)
An ECC employee will make a copy of your current State Issued Photo ID to turn in with your Loan Adjustment Request if you are
increasing your loan amount.
To be completed by an ECC employee WHEN turning in this form: Employee Initials: _____
Copy of State Issued Photo ID included: Expiration Date: ________________ Comments: ________________
_____ Decrease my student loan: from: $______________________ to: $______________________
(current loan amount) (new loan amount)
_____ Cancel my student loan
Increasing your student loan will require that you are currently enrolled in at least 6 Title IV eligible credit hours.
Students may not receive funding over and above the cost of attendance.
Federal Regulations require that your summer loan award does not exceed your total annual eligibility. If you borrow your maximum annual
eligibility for fall & spring semester, you will not be eligible for a summer loan.
Requested Loan amounts will be adjusted accordingly based on your academic level, your calculated financial need after all other eligible awards
have been applied toward your cost of attendance and annual borrowing limits and/or aggregate borrowing limits.
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