National Speech & Debate Tournament
Single Entry Letter of Intent
Instructions: If a student auto-qualified by placing in the top 14 of a main event, top 4 of BQ, or top 8 of WS at the previous year’s Nationals,
complete Section A (and Section B if they forfeit auto-qualification). If the student is not an auto-qualifier, skip to Section B.
Student Name
NSDA District
NOTE: Students may enter only one event at the National Tournament. Districts may choose to allow double entry across speech and debate
events at the district tournament, and students always can enter Congress or Big Questions regardless of entry in other district tournament
events. Therefore, students must establish (prior to entering a second event at the district tournament) which event they prefer to attend at
the National Tournament, should the student qualify in more than one event. This form MUST be completed PRIOR to the beginning of the
district tournament date in which a student potentially double qualifies. Failure to produce this signed form will result in disqualification
from the tournament or denial of double entry. The following scenarios necessitate completion of this form to determine qualification
At the prior National Tournament, the student auto-qualified for this year's tournament due to placing in the top 14 of a main event.
On an earlier district tournament weekend, the student qualified in a solo event (Congress, LD, IX, USX, OO, DI, HI), and is now entering
another solo event.
The student has been entered in one or two solo events, and also may be entering Congress.
If two students qualify in a partnership event (Policy, Public Forum, or Duo) and a solo event, the student must attend the National
Tournament in the partnership event, unless both students qualify in each of their respective solo events. Therefore, this form must be
completed when:
o Two students have qualified as teammates in Policy, Public Forum, or Duo, and each is entering a solo event, or both are entering (as
the same team) in Policy, Public Forum, or Duo. (NOTE: Students may never double enter in Policy and Public Forum, but may double
enter in Duo and one other team debate event if entered as the same team.)
o The student and partner both have qualified in a solo event and both have entered Policy, Public Forum, or Duo as teammates.
If a student would like to be considered for a district-level WS team, you should indicate their preference below, even if the district has not yet
issued invitations for the team. If a student prefers WS higher than an event in which they qualified, and are selected by their district for the
WS team, that student is required to participate in WS and will relinquish any previously qualified slots immediately. A qualifier in BQ may not
forfeit their qualification spot in a main event; however, a BQ qualifier may choose to attend Nationals in BQ over WS.
— SECTION A This section to be completed by auto-qualifiers from last year’s tournament only; otherwise skip to Section B.
r I accept auto-qualification in the following event, which means I am ineligible to qualify to the National
Tournament in any other event, although I may still enter up to two speech/debate events, plus Congress.
r Policy r PF r Duo
Partner also must accept.
r I do NOT accept auto-qualification, which means the ranking below determines my order of intention for
entering the National Tournament (select one event in each row in Section B).
1st Choice Event
r Policy r PF r Duo r WS
2nd Choice Event
r Policy r PF r Duo r WS
Note: A student may only list a third event if they have been entered in Congressional Debate (House or Senate).
3rd Choice Event
r Policy r PF r Duo r WS
I, the coach, have discussed these preferences with my student and indicate that my student accepts the choice(s) designated above
as irrevocable (sign below):
Coach Signature
Regardless of national qualification, district chairs must send this form to the national office with School Entry Forms. updated 01/16/19
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