Evaluation of Computer Competency Assignment
Department of English and Humanities
Demonstrate proficiency in the following areas:
1. Locate the assignment by finding the Web address, navigate the Web site to locate the link
to the assignment, and download and save the file. Open the file and copy and paste text
from the saved file into a new Word document. For the file name, use CAA, followed by
your last name and then your first name. (10pts)
2. Set the page margins to one inch. (10pts)
3. Change the font size of the entire document to 12-point Times New Roman. (10pts)
4. Create an automatic header for each page with your last name followed by the page
number. Align this paragraph on the right margin of each page. (10pts)
5. On the first page, begin on the first line above the title, aligned on the left margin with a
separate line for each item: your name, the name of your instructor, your course number
and section, and the date month year. (10pts)
6. Center the title of the essay and indent the first line of each paragraph. (10pts)
7. Change the line spacing of the entire document to double spacing, aligned on the left
margin with no extra spacing before and after the paragraphs. (10pts)
8. Using spell check, identify the five misspelled words in your document and bold them.
Choose the correctly spelled word from the list given to you by the spell check and correct
them. (10pts)
9. After you have modified the essay, create a page break. On the new page, create a bold
heading with the title “Essay Components,” aligned on the left margin. Under the heading,
also on the left margin, create an automatically bulleted list of each component of the five-
paragraph essay: body or development paragraphs, conclusion, thesis, introduction, and
title. (10pts)
10. On the same new page, create a new bold heading titled “Order,” also aligned on the left
margin. Under that heading, create an automatically numbered list on the left margin
that shows the order in which each of those essay components would be presented in an
essay. (10pts)
Competency Level (points): 80=proficient 90= effective 100=excellent