Sandhills Community College
Tuition, Registration Fees, Airline Ticket Advance,
Enterprise Car Rental Request Checklist
In order to save time in completing this form and payment of tuition, fees, etc., the following “checklist”
was developed. If you have questions when completing your “Tuition, Registration Fees, and Airline
Ticket Advance Request Form,” please call ext. 3717. Submit this request along with your Travel
Authorization no later than two weeks prior to travel or deadline for receipt of tuition, registration, etc.
Upon return from travel, the receipt for this advance must be sent to the Business Office to be field as
backup with the copy of the original check.
Complete the following items:
Date of Request: (date you are completing form)
Traveler’s Name: (your name)
Dept., (the department in which you work), ex. “Business”
Source of Funds: (this is the unit no., ex. 38800)
Destination: (where are you going)
Purpose: (conference, workshop, class, etc.)
Date of Travel: (beginning date of travel), ex. “02/13/2008”
Date Tuition and/or Registration is Due: (allow at least two weeks; checks are written
Other Employees Involved: (list any other employee traveling with you)
This Request is For: (check applicable box), ex. Registration.
Amount Required: (list amount to be paid) (attached brochure or other documentation for
Use separate form for each
The middle section of this form is extremely important and all areas must be complete
to avoid delay in payment.
To Whom Should the Check be Paid: (name of business, NOT SCC EMPLOYEE), ex.
Travel Agency (such items as lodging, rental car, airline, etc.)
Company’s Federal ID No.: (company’s Federal ID No.) (Required for vendor setup –
AAA and Travel Center are already setup as vendors)
Company’s Address for Payment: (address where check should be mailed)
Signatures – faculty: (traveler; dept chair; dean; appropriate VP) (all sign and date)
Signatures – staff: (traveler; supervisor, appropriate VP) (all sign and date)
Sandhills Community College
Tuition, Registration Fees, Airline Ticket, Car Rental
Advance Request and/or Travel Agency Information
Date of Request: _____________________ Nature of Request: Out-of-state travel In-state travel
Traveler: __________________________________________ Employee Student Other
Department: _______________________________________ Source of Funds: __________________
Destination: _______________________________________ Purpose: ___________________________
Date of Travel: _____________________ Date Tuition and Registration is Due: __________________
Other Employees Involved in this travel: _
What amount is required: $ _________________ (attach supporting documentation)
Tuition & Registration
Fee Information for
Company or Business
To whom should check be
payable? (company or business
What is their Federal ID No.?
Where should check be mailed?
(Include complete address)
*** This form MUST be submitted with your “Travel Authorization Form” ***
Advance Requested by: Action by Faculty Development Committee
______________________________ _________________ Approved for no more than $ _____________________ from
(Traveler) (Date)
_______________________________________________ funds.
Travel Recommended by:
Not able to fund because ______________________________
______________________________ _________________
(Department Chair / Supervisor) (Date) _____________________________________________________
_____________________________ _________________ ______________________________________________________
(Dean) (Date) (FDC Chairperson Signature)
_____________________________ _________________ ______________________________________________________
(Vice President/President) (Date) (Date)
Advance of Funds: Amount $ ___________________ Account # __________________________
Amount $ ___________________ Account # __________________________
Car Rental
This request is for: Tuition Registration Fees Airline Ticket Lodging Car Rental