Medical Attention Policy
In the event that any student, vis
itor, or employee of Sandhills Community College is not able to
respond due to lack of consciousness, or other medical condition, it is the policy of Sandhills
Community College to immediately contact 9-1-1.
Upon arrival of the paramedics, you have the choice to refuse transport if you are 18 years of
age or older or an emancipated minor. You will be required to sign the emergency squad's
“Refusal of Emergency Medical Services” form.
If you agree to provide the first responders with your confidential information by signing the
“Authorization to Release Confidential Information”, please fill out the following sections:
Individuals who we may contact for you in the event of an emergency:
Please explain/describe your medical situation, and any accommodations that Sandhills
Community College should m
ake should a medical episode occur:
Medications (Student to initial) Yes _____ No _____
Student Signature
Printed Name
Disability Services Coordinator
Revised January 2018
Office of Disability Services
115 Logan Hall
(910) 246-4138
(910) 246-5370, Fax