Process for transcript Evaluation:
Step 1
Determine if either a prerequisite clearance or a transcript evaluation is most
Prerequisite clearances allow you to register for classes based on prerequisite
courses taken at another institution. Review for clearance can take 3-4
weeks, more information can be found here:
Transcript evaluations award you credit(s) from courses taken at other academic
institutions, which can be used toward fulfilling coursework at De Anza and/or
subsequently transferring to another academic institution. Review for transcript
evaluation can take at least 3 months.
Please follow the steps below for initiating a transcript evaluation.
Step 2
Request official transcripts from all former academic institutions needed to be
evaluated and have them mailed or hand-delivered to the front desk of Admissions and
Records in the Registration and Student Services building. *Please note that all official
transcripts must arrive in a sealed envelope – they must not be opened.
Mailing address:
Admissions and Records
De Anza College
21250 Stevens Creek
Blvd. Cupertino, CA
Step 3
Fill out a Transcript Evaluation Request form, which can be found either at the
front desk of Admissions and Records, or found
All forms can be submitted at the Admissions and Records front desk.
Step 4
Once an evaluation has been completed, an email notification will be sent (please
note that the process may take up to three months). Please make sure to check
DegreeWorks to view awarded credit(s) and consult an academic counselor if there
are any questions about the evaluation results. Appointments can be made by calling
408.864.5400 or utilizing the online appointment system:
Rev. 10/12/16
Request for Transcript Evaluation
INSTRUCTIONS: Submit request for Evaluation form and official unopened transcripts to Admissions
and Records office by hand or by mail to: De Anza College, Admissions & Records Office
21250 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino, CA 95014
DENT CWID# _____________________________ DATE_________________________________
LAST NAME __________________________________ FIRST NAME_______________________ MI _______
PHONE __________________ EM
/ MAJOR TITLE ________________________________________________________________
se list name of College/University)
1. _______________________________________________________________________________
2. _______________________________________________________________________________
3. _______________________________________________________________________________
4. _______________________________________________________________________________
Rev. 10/12/16