Commercial Reroofing
City of Miami Beach HVHZ Electronic Roof Permit Form
Commercial Reroofing Statement for Existing Buildings
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The following applicable statements, for low slope roof systems only, are required to be
completed when applying for commercial reroofing permit applications.
Is there insulation in the existing roof system? Yes No
If yes, then I attest that the insulation to be installed in the proposed roofing system shall have the
same thickness and R-Value as the existing insulation. Note: Structures built after March 15, 1979
must comply with the Florida Energy Code.
Architect P.E. Roofing Contractor License Number:
No Change
I attest that the proposed roofing system is an exact replacement of the existing roofing system. I also
attest that existing overflow drains and/or scuppers are sized so that no more than 5" of water will
accumulate on any portion of this roof, should the primary drainage system be blocked. 1616.3 FBC
Architect P.E. Roofing Contractor License Number:
Change to the roofing system
Roofing permit applications in other than Group R-3 occupancy, involving a change in the roofing
system and recovery applications must include signed and sealed calculations for the supporting
structure, and a statement as follows.
"I have reviewed the structural and drainage adequacy of the existing roof structure with
regard to the proposed roofing system and hereby approve the installation as proposed."
Architect P.E. License Number:
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