Metal Roof System
City of Miami Beach HVHZ Electronic Roof Permit Form
Section D Metal Roof System
Roof System Manufacturer:
Notice of Acceptance Number:
Minimum Design Wind Pressures, (from RAS 127 or Calculations): P 1: P 2: P 3:
Maximum Design Wind Pressures, (From the NOA Specific system): psf
Fill in the specific roof assembly components. If a component is not required, insert not applicable (n/a) in the text box.
Roof Slope: "/12"
Roof Mean Height: ft.
Clip or Screw Spacing for Metal Roof Panel Attachment
Field: " o/c Perimeters: " o/c Corners:
" o/c
Number of screws required per clip:
Perimeter Width: ft.
Screw Type, Size, & Gauge for Clip or Metal Panel
Deck Type:
Optional Nailable Substrate:
Optional Nailable Substrate Attachment Method:
Optional Insulation:
Optional Insulation Attachment Method:
Fire Barrier:
Underlayment Type:
Underlayment Fastener Type:
Optional Peel & Stick Membrane:
Metal Roof Panel:
Drip Edge Size & Gauge:
Drip Edge Material Type:
Drip Edge Fastener Type:
Hook Strip/Cleat gauge or weight:
-- Select Deck Type --
-- Select Metal Gauge --
-- Select Metal Type --
-- Select Hook Strip --
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