Section A/B
City of Miami Beach HVHZ Electronic Roof Permit Form
Section A (General Information)
Master Permit No: Process No:
Contractor's Name:
Job Address:
Roof Category
Low Slope Mechanically Fastened Tile Mortar/Adhesive Set Tile
Asphaltic Shingles Metal Panel/Shingles Wood Shingles/Shakes
Sprayed Polyurethane Foam
Roof Type
New Roof Re-Roofing Recovering Repair Maintenance
Are there Gas Vent Stacks located on the roof?
Yes No If yes, what type? Natural LPGX
Roof System Information
Low slope roof area (ft.²) Steep Sloped area (ft.²) Total (ft.²)
Section B (Roof Plan)
Sketch Roof Plan: Illustrate all levels and sections, roof drains, scuppers, overflow scuppers and overflow drains. Include
dimensions of sections and levels, clearly identify dimensions of elevated pressure zones and location of parapets.
Perimeter Width (a'): Corner Size (a' × a'):
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