Requirements for Students under the Age of 15
Welcome to Central Oregon Community College! Students under the age of 15 who are interested in attending COCC
must note the following:
ral Oregon Community College is an adult-oriented learning environment and standard admission
requirements are that students be 18 or older or possess a high school diploma or GED. As such, course
content, instructor focus and class discussions will not be amended for underage students. Additionally,
COCC staff expects mature, adult behavior at all times from all students, regardless of age.
Due to federal privacy regulations, COCC will not provide information on attendance, class schedule, grades,
balance due details or course progress to anyone other than the student.
All students are required to follow all policies regarding grading, class attendance, registration and payment
deadlines; exceptions will not be made because of age. A complete listing of policies can be found in the
COCC catalog on the COCC web site.
Grades earned in classes will become part of the student’s official transcript and will not be eligible for
adjustment at a later date due to age.
Students interested in using credits earned at COCC towards middle or high school requirements should work
with the middle or high school counselor to determine those requirements (note that academic advising
towards COCC certificate or degrees is available to interested students).
If approved for special admission status, underage students may take advantage of all available student
services, including tutoring, library services and academic advising.
Based upon federal law, only high school graduates or students over the age of 18 are eligible for federal
financial aid.
uming that the student and parent/guardian agree to the above, COCC allows students under the age of 15 to take up
to eight credits per term once they’ve met the following conditions:
1. Meet with and receive approval from the Director of Admissions/Registrar (or his/her designee) every term.
During this meeting, we will review getting started steps, minimum requirements for special admission status,
behavioral expectations and related topics.
2. Student provides a letter of support from the high school or middle school counselor, addressing why the
student is not taking equivalent classes at the high/middle school, the student’s maturity level and other
information helpful in determining the student’s readiness for college work. If the student is home schooled,
the student must provide documentation showing successful completion of the State of Oregon’s 8
grade test
for home schooled students.
Approval from the Director of Admissions/Registrar is contingent upon receipt of
the letter of support or copy of exam scores.
3. Take COCC’s placement test and test into at least MTH 60 and WR 65 regardless of what classes the student
intends to take (call 541-383-7200 for a placement testing appointment).
4. Meet with and obtain permission from each course instructor every term. Note that permission to register for
one course does not guarantee permission to register for other courses; course registration approval is the
discretion of each individual instructor.
5. Submit a complete concurrent enrollment form (attached) to Tyler Hayes, COCC’s Admissions & Records
Office, Boyle Education Center. A new form must be submitted prior to registration each quarter. Registration
is only allowed in person.
Once t
he above steps are complete and verified by the Director of Admissions/Registrar, the student will be given
permission to register for the upcoming term.
Approval Form For Students Under the Age of 15
(must be completed prior to registration each and every quarter)
_________________________________________ COCC ID Number
y State Zip
Phone _________
_______ School _____________________________ Grade:
 Student
Signature: __________________________________________ Date:
TO BE COMPLETED BY THE PARENT/GUARDIAN: I/we the parent/guardian of the above student agree
that he/she may enroll in up to eight credits at COCC under the limits of the concurrent enrollment policy and
with the understanding that some classes may include discussions on adult topics. I/we understand that our
child must act on his/her own behalf in accepting responsibility for meeting all college policies,
expectations, and deadlines associated with enrollment and instruction as outlined on the Special Admission
form. If the student needs the college credit to apply toward middle/high school requirements, such an agreement
must be made between the student and the middle/high school. I/we also understand that as a college student, our
child’s educational records are confidential and COCC will not release this information to anyone, including
parent/guardian(s), without the student’s written consent.
 Parent
Signature: _________________________________________ Date:
The st
udent listed below has met with the Director of Admissions/Registrar (or designee), has met the minimum
testing requirements and has permission to discuss enrollment in specific courses with instructors.
_______________________________________ Date:
E COMPLETED BY THE COURSE INSTRUCTOR: I agree that the above student can register for my
uctor name: ________________________ Signature: ______________________ CRN:
uctor name: ________________________ Signature: ______________________ CRN:
Return completed form to Tyler Hayes in
COCC’s Admissions & Records Office, Boyle Education Center.
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