COCC fosters student success through the completion of academic goals. Students remain in “Good Academic
Standing” by maintaining a term GPA of 2.0. If your GPA drops below a 2.0, you will be placed on Academic
Warning. The purpose of the Academic Warning process is to assist you in assessing your current situation
and goals, identifying resources and making changes to help you get back on track.
The following checklist outlines the Academic Warning progression and details the requirements at each level.
You will need to complete the steps listed below based on your current Academic Warning status.
£ Step 1. Meet with your academic advisor to develop a plan for success
£ Step 1. Complete the Academic Warning Worksheet/Petition
£ Step 2. Make an appointment with your assigned academic advisor
To find your academic advisor’s contact information, visit the “Can I Register” page in your
Bobcat Web Account or contact CAP Services at 541.383.7200
£ Step 3. During your meeting with your academic advisor, you should:
• Evaluate your next term course plan and make adjustments as necessary
• Identify obstacles from your previous terms that negatively impacted your success
• Discuss academic success strategies and other resources
Connect and build the valuable relationship between you and your academic advisor
• Have your advisor sign the worksheet aer discussing your plan
£ Step 4. Submit your signed Worksheet/Petition to Admissions & Records by 5:00 p.m. on the second
Monday of the following term. The form can also be submied via email to
If you have already registered but fail to submit the worksheet by the deadline, you will be
administratively dropped from all courses
£ Step 5. Follow through with the Academic Success Plan that you created on your
Academic Warning Worksheet/Petition
Do you need help
connecting with your
academic advisor?
CAP Services
Do you have questions
regarding the submission or
approval of your paperwork?
Admissions & Records
Do you have concerns about
how your academic standing
affects your financial aid?*
Financial Aid
*Note that the Academic Warning
Process is different from the Financial
Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress
(SAP) policy.
Student Information
Student Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ID#: _________________________________________________
Advisor: ____________________________________________________________ Term: __________________________________ Date: _______________________________________________
Degree/Certificate: ___________________________________________________ Major/Program: _________________________________________________________________
Identify Challenges and Concerns
I am having difficulty with: (check all that apply)
Develop a Plan for Success
Explain in detail the most significant challenge(s) affecting your academic performance:
Challenge Explain the challenge's impact on
your success
Strategies to overcome the challenge
£ Lack of motivation/focus
£ Adjusting to college
£ Depression, stress or anxiety
£ Finances
£ Making friends/loneliness
£ Meeting basic needs (i.e. access
to food, community resources, etc.)
£ Housing/living arrangements
£ Family responsibilities
£ Work responsibilities
£ Physical health concerns
£ Time management
£ Outside distractions (i.e. gaming, social
media, extra-curricular activities, etc.)
£ Ineffective study skills
£ Unclear academic/career goals
£ Learning disability
£ Challenging classes/credit load
£ Other: _________________________________________
£ Other: _________________________________________
Central Oregon Community College rd Academic Warning Worksheet 4/18
Develop a Plan for Success
Third Academic Warning students are required to participate in an activity, workshop or other assistance
designed to address the reasons contributing to academic warning.
Think about a plan of action for geing the term off to a strong start. Discuss this plan with your advisor who
can offer additional ideas. *Keep a copy of this plan for future academic advising meetings.
Goal Action Plan
Example – dates, follow-up meetings, etc.
Connect with Resources
In my plan for improving my academic standing, I will seek assistance in the following areas:
£ Career Exploration & Support Resources
Career Services | CAP Services | 541.383.7200
£ Academic Advising
Academic Advising | CAP Services | 541.383.7200
£ Personal Counseling
Personal Counseling | CAP Services | 541.383.7200
£ Tutoring
Tutoring & Testing | Barber Library | 541.383.7534
£ Disability Support
Disability Services | Barber Library | 541.383.7583
£ Financial Support & Resources
Financial Aid | Boyle Education Center | 541.383.7260
£ Community/Peer Involvement
Student Life | Coats Campus Center | 541.383.7590
£ Skill Courses
£ HD 100CS: College Success (3 cr.)
£ HD 100PM: Procrastination & Motivation (1 cr.)
£ HD 100VC: Values Clarification (1 cr.)
£ HD 100TT: Test Taking (1 cr.)
£ HD 101: Study Strategies (3 cr.)
£ HD 110: Career Planning (3 cr.)
£ Other: ________________________________________________________________________
Develop an Academic Plan
The courses I plan to take in the following term include:
Course and Title
Example – HD CS: College Success
Credits Reason for Taking the Course
Example – degree requirement, repeat for a beer grade, prerequisite course
Central Oregon Community College rd Academic Warning Worksheet 4/18
My weekly commitments, shown below, include my time in class, studying, working and other responsibilities:
Weekly Planner
Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
 a.m.
 a.m.
 a.m.
 a.m.
 p.m.
 p.m.
 p.m.
 p.m.
 p.m.
 p.m.
 p.m.
 p.m.
 p.m.
My follow-up advising appointment is scheduled for: _____________________________________________________________________________________________
I understand and am commied to the plan I have outline above to beer prepare myself for academic success.
Student Signature: ________________________________________________________________________________________ Date: ______________________________________________
Additional advisor recommendations or comments:
Advisor Signature: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Date: ______________________________________________
Advisor: Make one copy of the worksheet for the student and one copy to maintain in your advising record.
Student: Submit original worksheet to the Admissions and Records office by 5 p.m. the second Monday of the term.
Central Oregon Community College rd Academic Warning Worksheet 4/18
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