1. Applicant:
2. Address of Temporary Certificate: _____________________________________
3. Name of Contac
t: ______________________
Pursuant to State of Connecticut Executive Order 7MM, the Zoning Enforcement Officer has reviewed the
application submitted Temporary Certificate for Outdoor Dining submitted by the above Applicant, together with
all additional materials in support of said application.
The Zoning Enforcement Officer finds that the materials submitted by the Applicant materially meet the
requirements of the application and accompanying Guide.
The Zoning Enforcement Officer approves solely the activities and the configuration set forth in the documents
submitted by the Applicant. Any variation in configuration of seating, parking, signage or any other item
specified in the submitted materials will required the Applicant to amend its application. Failure to do so may
result in the revocation of this approval.
This approval is limited to the Zoning requirements to create the conditions set forth in the application. Nothing
in this approval certificate shall be considered binding or determinative on the City of Groton, Building
Department or City of Groton Fire Marshal, Ledge Light Health Department or any other administrative body
which may be required to approve operation of the restaurant, such as Liquor Control or the Department of
This certificate shall confer no permanent rights to the holder, its successor or assigns. Any rights conveyed
herein shall expire upon the termination of Executive Order 7MM, or its succeeding Executive Orders, unless
otherwise extended by the City of Groton Planning and Zoning Commission.
The application has been approved as submitted, subject to the following conditions:
As set forth in Executive Order 7MM, this approval may be appealed to the City of Groton Planning and
Zoning Commission by filing a notice of intent to appeal with the City of Groton Planning and Zoning Office
within seven (7) days of receipt of this notice, via email or otherwise. Appeals may be filed by emailing and requesting an appeal. Said appeals will be heard at the next regularly
scheduled meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission, virtually or at a physical location.
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Carlton M. Smith Date
Acting City of Groton Planner