COVID-19 Employment Information Revised 3/26/20
Employment Update
Loan Number:
Borrower Name:
Employer Name:
As a normal part of the lending process, we are required to verify all individuals are still employed at the
time of closing.
With the current environment of state and local “stay at home” or “shelter in place” orders, we are
encountering many instances where we cannot confirm employment. Please help us with some
additional information, so we can more effectively work to verify your employment.
I am currently:
Still employed and working normal hours.
Still employed and working from home.
Our business is temporarily on hold and I’m still receiving my normal pay.
Our business is temporarily on hold and I’m currently not receiving my normal pay.
Our business or my position has changed (i.e., business has closed, I am working reduced hours, I
have been laid off, etc.).
Explain more here:
If you have a main contact at HR, or a manager who can help verify your employment, please put contact
information below:
Manager / HR Name:
Work Email:
Best time
to reach:
Please let the individuals noted above know PRMG will be contacting them in support of your loan closing.