Application to register no spray zone
Please read this first
This form will be scanned by electronic equipment. It is important that you:
use a blue or black pen to complete this form; and
print clearly.
The no spray zone you are applying for can only be adjacent to your property – i.e. on your side of the road. Please refer to
the ‘Notes and Conditions’ overleaf before filling out this form.
Your permit will be valid for 24 months from the date of issue. You need to re-apply biannually.
A fee of $150.00 is payable on submission of this application. Two marker pegs are included in the application fee but if
more are needed (i.e. for large zones) there is a cost of $50 per peg thereafter.
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po box 115
dannevirke 4942
06 374 4080
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Applicant details (Please print in CAPITALS)
Title: Mr Mrs Miss Ms
Name of applicant
Postal address of applicant
Town Postcode
Daytime phone number Afterhours phone number Mobile phone number
Property details (Please print in CAPITALS)
Address of property to be registered for no spray zone
Valuation number (this information can be found on the rate invoice)
Name of occupier
Postal address of occupier
Town Postcode
Daytime phone number Afterhours phone number Mobile phone number
application to register no spray zone2
All no spray zones shall be managed in accordance with
NZ Transport Agency ‘C21: Specication for Vegetation Control’
(refer to By applying for a no spray zone,
the applicant agrees to:
Maintain this area in a tidy state.
Keep the property frontage free of all pest plants
between the property boundary and formed road,
and up to 10m from the road reserve into the property
Maintain all hedges at least two metres clear of the road.
Keep property frontages in a tidy condition free of
excess roadside vegetation. This includes a minimum
of 500mm around any roadside signs, marker pegs, the
road edge and drainage channel inverts. The vegetation
height should not exceed 300mm above the berm
around these areas.
Maintain any stormwater drainage ditches and keep
clear of pest plants and excess vegetation such that
stormwater ow is not impeded.
The area to be excluded from chemical control is from the road
centerline to the boundary of the applicant’s property, and the
agreed length of property frontage.
In the instance of the no spray zone property failing to comply
with this goodwill agreement, the applicant shall be notied and
given one month to bring the property frontage up to standard.
If the work is not completed within the allowed timeframe,
Council will take action to bring the zone back up to standard
at cost to the applicant, and may result in exclusion from the
‘No Spray Register’ and the area added back into the spraying
programme to control pest plants and/or excess vegetation.
The applicant agrees not to vary this agreement without the
prior approval of Council.
Purpose of application
New permit Renewal:
Previous permit number
Compliance options
The roadside vegetation shall be maintained by the applicant in accordance with requirements as per the ‘Notes and conditions’
Proposed methods of control by the applicant:
Mowing / mechanical Alternative spray
Other (please specify)
No spray marker pegs
To help prevent accidental spraying, Council encourages the use of ofcial “No Spray Marker Pegs” to clearly dene the extent
of the no spray zone. Without ofcial marker pegs installed, Council can only provide a goodwill agreement and will not be
responsible for any damage caused from accidental spraying.
Do you wish to have ofcial no spray marker pegs installed?
Yes, please install ofcial no spray marker pegs
Not required
Please attach an aerial photograph or map clearly showing the position of the proposed no spray zone location, including road
name(s), house/rapid number, and adjoining legal descriptions of land serviced. Please indicate the extent of the area you wish to
be spray free.
Notes and conditions
I/We, the undersigned, hereby declare that the information given in this application is true and correct. I am authorised to make this
application in the name of the legal owner and in doing so, accept the conditions outlined in this application.
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