Application for Consent to Import unapproved active constituents or
unregistered agricultural or veterinary chemical products to be supplied and/or
used in accordance with an APVMA Permit
Prior to submission of this application, applicants must be familiar with the information below.
Applications for Consent to Import must be lodged by a person who is either a resident of Australia or is
representing a business that is operating in Australia.
An Import Consent will be issued with a limited validity period that will allow two to three weeks either side of
the estimated time of arrival unless otherwise approved under a current Australian Pesticides and Veterinary
Medicines (APVMA) permit. If there are any changes to the information provided, a new application will be
required. If it is not possible to estimate an exact date of importation, entering the month of the expected
importation will be accepted.
For importations associated with an issued APVMA Permit (excluding Permit 7250), the consent validity is
usually a period of three months following the issue of the permit. Where multiple shipments are expected,
applicants may seek a validity period of 12 months, provided this is within the validity period of the permit.
If the imported chemical is to be used in trials under APVMA Small Scale Permit No. 7250, the applicant is
legally bound to abide by the conditions attached to that permit and may also be subject to audit.
If any relevant condition of Permit 7250 cannot be met, a current APVMA Permit is required for an Import
Consent to be issued. Further information and application forms can also be found on the APVMA website.
The permit number is to be quoted alongside ‘Reason for importation’.
Applicants should be aware that some commodities may require additional importation approvals other than
what is provided by the APVMA, including:
Department of Agriculture
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Department of Immigration and Border Protection
Department of the Environment and Energy
Office of Chemical Safety
Office of the Gene Technology Regulator
Therapeutic Goods Administration.
It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure any other approval requirements are met before importation.
Your personal information is collected by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority
(APVMA) for the purpose of assisting the APVMA to perform its functions under the Agricultural and
Veterinary Medicines (Administration) Act 1992 and related legislation, including for the purpose of
processing applications.
Your personal information will be managed in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.
More information about the way in which the APVMA will manage your personal information, including its
Privacy Statement, is available on our website.
I declare that:
I have read and understand the information on this page
I am a resident of Australia, or represent a business that is operating in Australia
the information contained in, and accompanying this application is complete and correct.
I understand that:
giving false or misleading information is a serious offence and may lead to prosecution for an offence
against the Agriculture and Veterinary Chemicals Code.
Applicant’s name: ______________________________________________________________________
Organisation/business name: ____________________________________________________________
Applicant’s signature: ___________________________________________________________________
Date (dd/mm/yyyy): __________
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Application for Consent to Import unapproved active constituents or
unregistered agricultural or veterinary chemical products to be supplied and/or
used in accordance with an APVMA Permit
Name of agvet chemical product:
Active constituent(s):
Manufacturer’s name and addres
Quantity to be imported:
Reason for importation*:
To be dealt with under the
conditions of APVMA permit
*If the reason is for use under Permit 7250, also provide the following required information:
Crop/host species:
Application/dose rate:
Application/dose frequency:
Trial size (eg number of animals
treated, number of hectares treated):
Port of entry:
Name and address of importing
Estimated date/period of arrival (for issued
permits you may import multiple shipments during
a 12 month period):
Name of Applicant (if a business, include ABN):
Name of contact person:
Applicant phone number:
Applicant email address:
Applicant postal address:
Applicant’s signature: ___________________________________________________________________
Date (dd/mm/yyyy): __________
Send your application to:
Email your application as a PDF attachment to
Case Management and Administration Unit
Phone: +61 2 6770 2300
Further information can be found on our website.
If a subsequent request for a 12 month import
period under an existing issued permit, detail
quantity imported in previous 12 month period:
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