Alternative Metering Arrangement
Template - Biomass
For biomass installations using an alternative metering
arrangement for scheme payments
How this template works
This template works in tandem with the Installer Metering Questions (IMQs) for
the Application Form document. It requests additional supporting information
for certain metered installations that require an alternative meter arrangement.
It will enable us to accredit them and work out a heat equation for payments.
If you are the MCS certified installer who installed the meters: you must complete
this template, sign the declaration (at the end) and then either send electronically,
or hand over as a hard copy to your customer, attached to the ‘Installer Metering
Questions’ to assist in their application to the scheme.
If you are the customer: you must send this completed template by email to us at alongside a copy of the ‘Installer Metering Questions’ to
assist us in generating a formula to allow us to make payments to you.
Terminology used throughout
SH: Space Heating; DHW: Domestic Hot Water; and HWC: Hot Water Cylinder
ASHP: Air Source Heat Pump
Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
1. MCS Certified Installer Contact Details
1.1 Name of Installer:
1.2 MCS Installer Certificate Number:
1.3 Biomass Installation Address:
ES854 - Version 1.0
The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive - Installer Metering Questions (IMQs)
2. The scenario requiring an alternative metering arrangement
2.1 You (as the MCS certified installer) will have been requested to complete this
document if: (please check appropriate box)
a. One or more of the heat meters installed to measure the heat output from the
Domestic RHI biomass installation include heat output supplied by an additional
plant located on the heating system.
b. A heat meter has been installed after the HWC and the HWC uses an additional
supplementary heat source.
After you have selected the relevant scenario, please can you provide the following supporting information:
A. A Description of the Metering Arrangement
Please provide a written description detailing:
a. Why the heat output from the Domestic RHI biomass installation cannot be metered
so that it does not include any heat contributed by an additional plant.
b. How your metering arrangement will allow the heat output from the Domestic RHI
biomass installation alone to be determined.
c. Any further relevant information.
Refer to information about ‘Alternative Metering Arrangements’ in the Domestic RHI Essential Guide to Metering.
The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive - Installer Metering Questions (IMQs)
 Refer to information about ‘Simplified Schematics’ in the Domestic RHI Essential Guide to Metering.
A standard gross calorific value will be selected from DECC’s published calorific values in DUKES (Digest of UK Energy Statistics), Annex A1.
government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/225067/DUKES_2013_published_version.pdf For LPG, we will use Propane/Butane (LPG); for oil, we will use
burning oil, which is the large majority of all oil used for domestic heating; for natural gas, we will use natural gas consumed. The calculation to work out the equivalent heat
output based on the fuel input would be carried out using an assumed 100% boiler efficiency figure (ie 100% of the fuel input being converted to heat output).
B. Simple Illustration/Schematic showing the Metering Arrangement
Please provide a simple illustration in the space below showing the metering arrangement
(either draw below if using a paper template; or copy and paste if doing electronically).
C. Additional Heat Source(s)
Please provide the following information relating to the additional heat source being used
on the heating system.
a. Technology type(s):
b. If an ASHP, does it use heat from the home (eg a buffer tank) to defrost
the evaporator (ie there is no additional heat source that wasn’t generated
by the ASHP contributing to the defrost mechanism)? Yes No
c. Capacity (kWth):
d. Fuel typeof additional heat source (eg gas, electricity, oil, LPG etc):
The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive - Installer Metering Questions (IMQs)
D. Electricity, Gas and Oil Meters
Please provide the following information where relevant, if you have used one or more
electricity, gas or oil meters (in addition to the heat meters listed in gthe IMQs).
Table 1: Please provide the following specific details for any relevant meter.
Meter labels should take the following format: ‘EM1’ for an electricity meter, ‘GM1’ for a gas meter and ‘OM1’ for an oil meter.
MeterType Meter Label Manufacturer Model Serial Number
Eg: Electricity,
Gas, Oil etc
EM1, GM1, OM1 etc
Meter Label
Date of Meter Readings
Units Meter Reading
Example: HM1 14/05/2014 l/s 0087
3. Declarations
I declare that:
eligibility requirements.
Installer name: (Please print clearly)
Installer signature:
Date: (DD/MM/YYYY)
Table 2: Please provide baseline meter readings for each of the meters’ uses.
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