Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles
Parent/Guardian Permission & Responsibility Agreement
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My Girl Scout ________________________________________, a member of Troop __________ , has my
permission to participate in the 2020 Fall Product Program and 2021 Cookie Program. I will see that she
honors any and all rules and procedures as set by Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles (GSGLA) and that
she has adult supervision and guidance. My signature below indicates agreement with all 14 items listed
1. My daughter must be officially registered with Girl Scouts of the USA in order to participate.
2. I accept personal financial responsibility for all product received and/or in my possession and all monies collected as payment
from customers.
3. I understand that the 2020 Fall Product Program and 2021 Cookie Program proceeds are Troop & Council property and that
“[t]he income from product sales does not become the property of individual girl members.” (Volunteer Essentials, Chapter 5)
4. I will adhere to the principles set forth in the Girl Scout Promise and Law and act in accordance with the Girl Scout Mission.
5. I will "[u]se good judgment and common sense" and will not "...write or post anything that would embarrass or upset Girl Scout
members and volunteers, or reflect badly on the organization." I will treat others as I would want to be treated; I will not use the
internet to harass, attack, or abuse any individual, group, race, gender, religion, political group, etc. Further, I understand
"[p]rofane language or derogatory remarks against any individual or group used in any of the context posted will not be tolerated
and could result in automatic dismissal." (Volunteer Essentials, Chapter 8)
6. I agree that all money collected must be given to my Girl Scout’s Troop by the Troop and Council-set deadlines or any earned
recognition items/events will be withheld until GSGLA receives the outstanding balance. Money provided to the troop MUST be in
the form it was received from the customer buying the product.
7. If my account is delinquent and not brought current prior to the expiration of ticketed or time-sensitive recognition items, GSGLA
will not be obligated to reissue, replace, substitute, or refund the value of said recognitions.
8. GSGLA reserves the right to seek the services of a collection agency and/or pursue legal action for delinquent accounts.
9. GSGLA reserves the right to substitute recognition items of equal or greater value with or without notice and that recognition
items in the form of tickets are valid only on the date printed on the tickets. The recognition items are non-transferable and not
redeemable for cash; GSGLA will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged tickets, cards or items.
10. I understand that all rules and regulations must be adhered to by my Girl Scout and her family members and that there are
consequences for not doing so. Any Girl Scout found to be selling before the official start dates, or through prohibited methods,
will not receive recognition items or credit for those orders.
11. Unsold product cannot be returned to council offices or any council cupboard. Exchanges of product to council/cupboards are
permitted only during the designated days and locations, and are done by or with the knowledge of the troop’s product program
chair or troop leader.
12. Adults serve in a supporting role for girls and should not assume sole responsibility for sales.
13. Girls or their families may not engage in selling on the Internet. Girls can use e-mail as a marketing tool to let family, friends and
former customers know about the programs (Volunteer Essentials, Chapter 5) and can use the online tools provided by and
through the council and the product vendors.
14. Digital Cookie/M2OS are the approved ways a Girl Scout can extend her cookie or fall sales to friends and family across the nation by
sending to them her unique Digital Cookie/M2OS URL, all while learning the ins and outs of online selling, e-commerce management,
and digital promotion. While the girl makes sales and oversees all aspects of the transaction, she does so with adult supervision. I will
supervise my girl’s use.
15. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious virus that spreads easily through person-to-person contact. As with any social activity,
participation in Girl Scouts could present the risk of contracting COVID-19. While GSGLA takes every safety and preventative
precaution, GSGLA can in no way warrant that COVID-19 infection will not occur through participation in GSGLA programs.
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*** Please turn this form in to your Troop Leader with your registration. ***
Rev. 8/2020