Welcome to your character’s backstory! This sheet will help you outline your character’s
motivations, attachments and history. These elements of a character’s past are important for
both a player and the DM to be aware of as it helps create consistency in play and motivate
your character. It will also help the DM create engaging, character based stories!
Questions marked with a (*) are required.
Why is your character adventuring?*
(1 reason max)
What motivates your character?*
(highlight 3 max)
Helping people
Serving a cause
If you chose ‘Other’, please outline your motivations:*
Where did your character grow up?
(Outline any locations, people or events that had an effect on your character. Short bullet points are easier to
incorporate into the story)
Why is your character their current class?
(Does this tie into the reason they are adventuring? Did they have a mentor?)
Does your character share a special attachment with any people, places or things?
(The special attachment doesn’t have to be a good one)
Does your character have a secret?
(1 max)
When has your character failed?
(At least 1)
What is your character like?
(Describe their personality, flaws, ideals, favorite ice cream flavour, etc)