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2200 Garry Road Suite 1
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Office: 856-267-0528 / Toll Free: 844-822-7379
Fax: 856-267-0529 / Toll Free: 844-922-7379
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Shipping Terms: Please call us or visit our website for up to date shipping information and promotions. Orders placed after 4pm EST will be
processed the next business day. Compounded medications may require additional processing time.
Returns: At CareFirst we value your business and do what we can to keep our patients satisfied. We will return products received in error or
damaged in shipping. Please notify us within 10 days of receiving the shipment regarding a return request. All medications returned to CareFirst
Specialty pharmacy must be authorized prior to returned shipment. All unauthorized returns will be discarded and the product will not be credited.
Under certain circumstances we will not be able to accept returns due to rules and regulations including but not limited to: Control substances,
Hazardous materials, sold on a non-returnable basis, expired product, products damaged, soiled or adulterated, refrigerated or frozen products.
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