Downtown Paid Parking District and Lighthouse Park
This Pass Expires April 30, 2022
ate: Permit #:
Resident Name:
Phone #:
Email Address:
Type of Document Used To Show Eligibility:
A. Driver’s License Number
B. Other _____________________________
1. Max of 2 passes (max of 4 vehicles) per dwelling unit.
2. Vehicles must be registered and licensed, with a gross weight of less than 5 tons, owned and under the legal control of
the resident.
3. Holder must write, in permanent ink, at least 1 license # on the pass.
4. Pass must be displayed on the rear-view mirror or on the dash on the driver’s side and clearly visible through the
windshield of the vehicle.
5. Pass allows parking in Mukilteo where there are meters and Lighthouse Park without paying a fee.
6. This pass does not guarantee a parking space to the pass holder.
7. Parking pass invalid if:
a. License plate # is not written on the pass
b. Non-permanent ink is used
c. The writing of the license #’s has been altered
8. Not valid for overnight parking.
9. Not valid for Boat Launch Parking or Boat Launch Parking spaces.
10. To change the vehicles listed on pass, return pass for a free replacement.
11. If lost, come to City Hall for a free replacement.
12. It is unlawful to (Ord. 1365):
a. Transfer pass to another person or vehicle
b. Alter or create a pass in any respect
c. Use the pass on any vehicle not listed on the face of the pass
d. Rent or sell the pass.
13. Violation of rules will result in revocation of pass.
14. City reserves the right to discontinue or change the program at any time.
The information given is said to be true under the penalty of perjury by the Laws of the State of
Washington. I agree to the rules listed above and on the back of the permit.
Applicant’s Signature______________________________ Date_____________
Pass Issued By___________________________________ Date_____________
O:\Downtown Parking Program\Permit Program\2018-2020 Parking Program\Resident Parking Permit
11930 Cyrus Way
Mukilteo, WA 98275
(425) 263-8000
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